The Top 3 Must-Have Camcorders in 2022, According to Gadget Experts

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

Think camcorders are of a bygone era? Surprisingly, you’ll be happy to know that they’re coming back in a major way, particularly as 1080p and 4K cameras have become available to satisfy the demand of hobbyists, online content creators, and people in general who prefer to record special occasions with something other than a smartphone. Today, there’s a broad range of digital camcorders you can choose from, from casual devices for beginners, to more professional-looking cameras for vloggers and aspiring filmmakers. After consulting with our in-house gadget experts, we’ve come up with a list of the top must-have camcorders for 2022, and what to look out for before getting one. 

How We Came Up With Our List

  • IMAGE QUALITY: When getting a digital camcorder, it’s a must that it should range from at least 1080p to 4K in terms of image resolution, particularly if you’re into vlogging.
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Some camcorders come bundled with external microphones as recording via smartphone may not always result in good-quality audio. Camcorders also often have night or low-light vision, as well as powerful zoom features so you can capture videos in almost any environment.
  • EASE OF RECORDING & CARRYING: Carrying a camcorder around may not always be comfortable particularly for beginners, so it’s important that you’re getting something that’s not too heavy, is easily mountable, and with a rotatable display so you can view your recordings from different angles.

Pick up the Ordro HDV12 Digital Camcorder, and no matter if it’s your first time vlogging, or you want something better to capture that next family reunion, this is one camcorder that’ll get the job done beautifully. It’s defined by the power of its high-end CMOS Image Sensor, which results in transformed, vivid footage free of noise and all that other crosstalk. Plus, if you’re in need to capture something from faraway, its 16x zoom can do that right for you in an awe-inspiring way. Definitely, with the Ordro HDV12, we’ve got the best camcorder of 2022.

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In need of a camcorder for your budding vlogging career? Whether you’re shooting gorgeous destinations, or simply want to document your exciting day-to-day life, the Corsica1000S 4K Video Camcorder has everything you need in terms of video resolution. Still, you don’t need to be a gadget expert to start using it, as it’s got easy controls that allow you to capture footage without shaking, as well as plenty of video modes so you can customize your videos to how you want them to look. Plus, it also comes with a handy external microphone, so you won’t have to use your smartphone to record your audio. 

Indeed, if you’re in search of a camcorder that boasts on quality, our experts agree that you should look no further than the Corsica1000S 4K Video Camcorder.

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Just starting to shoot videos as a hobby? Or simply want a basic camcorder that’s completely easy to use? Then the CHOA H2 1080p Digital Camcorder will do just the job, elevating the way you capture life’s moments compared to regular smartphones, while still being an accessible tool to anyone who picks it up. It has all the standard features you need in a digital camcorder: from 1080p resolution to help you capture videos more clearly, to a neat selfie mode perfect for vlogging, and even a 16x zoom for those grand establishing shots. It even has a built-in microphone so your audio is crisp and clear while you shoot. For an essential starter digital camcorder, the CHOA H2 is the way to go.

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While smartphones have emerged as the preferred choice for capturing videos, they can’t beat the dedicated features of a digital camcorder, particularly in terms of resolution and optical zoom – which is hard to find even on the best mobile phones. Plus, with perks such as removable storage (allowing you to more easily swap out SD cards when it’s on full capacity), you’ll find that it’s the right device for shooting, particularly if you’re into vlogging, filmmaking, or simply want to capture your most important moments in better quality.