Our Top 3 GPS Car Trackers for Safe, Real-Time Tracking Guaranteed Anytime, Anywhere

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Track Your Loved Ones, Business, and Things Anytime Anywhere

Every day, the world gets more and more advanced. We learn new techniques and develop state-of-the-art gadgets to take things off our plate, help us save time and effort, and make life a lot easier. Unfortunately, the perks of these advancements come with risks. 

Every day, thousands of people have their valuables stolen within the blink of an eye, houses broken into in broad daylight, and social media and bank accounts hacked within minutes. Were we safer when technology was a lot simpler? 

Modern technology can be made simple and secure. That’s why we set out to hunt for the three of the best and safest real-time GPS tracking devices, not just for your vehicles but for the people and things you love most too! 

The devices in our list combine both old and safe tracking with new and convenient mechanisms. All you’ll need is to insert a 2G micro-SIM card and link these trackers to your phone with secret numbers and exclusive codes. Not to worry. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. 

Planting a GPS tracking device may come off creepy, but it’s also a safety precaution. Accidents are inevitable, and crime rates are a lot higher than back in the day. You and your loved ones deserve to be safe and secure while still enjoying life.

The EyeSpy on the Go Mini Car Tracker is a compact GPS tracking device with a magnetic case you can easily install in your car or bike, even on your kids’ backpacks, folks’ handbags, pet’s collars, and valuables you take on the go. 

Maxine R shared how her “daughter was T-boned by another driver,” but because she had installed the EyeSpy on the Go Mini Car Tracker in her little girl’s car, she was able to accurately locate her pride and joy with just the device. It even “stayed in place despite this high-impact accident.”

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Keeping in touch with your family to make sure they’re safe, all the while constantly checking in on your employees so your business runs smoothly can all be time-consuming. Finding the perfect life and work balance is challenging to accomplish but not impossible. 

Let this professional GPS tracking device help you accurately find out the current location of vehicles, as well as record and review the vehicle’s route history in real-time. When it is fully charged, it can even continue tracking and recording your parked car for up to 3 hours.

The ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker also allows you to charge devices via a USB cable, listen to what’s happening around the vehicle through live audio recording, and most importantly, track your car and that of your loved ones and employees with safety, ease, and for a reasonable price. 

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How many times have you forgotten to activate the GPS tracking device and only realize when it’s too late? Instead of not having to call your family or employees to know where they are, you’ll need to reveal the hidden tracker in their car and ask them to switch it on. 

If this is something you relate to, then this is the car tracker for you. The AutoHawk Primo OBDII Car Tracker features a built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor that immediately sends you an alert and automatically starts tracking and recording as soon as the vehicle engine does. 

Keep a close and watchful eye as sharp as a hawk, or when you’ve got meetings and work to do, review the recorded route history, speed, parking time, and more. Don’t worry about your tracker getting lost or stolen with the GEO Fence Alert feature that automatically informs you when your device leaves the configured zone.

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GPS tracking in the modern world can be easy, safe, and convenient when you’ve got the right gadgets. This list of the best and safest GPS trackers to buy for your car and valuables in 2022features innovative products you can rely on to meet or even exceed your tracking needs and keep your data secured. All being value for your money!