Review: The Best Drawing Tablets to Buy in 2022 for Digital Art Creation

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Aug 8th, 2022

The best drawing tablets can make you feel as if you’re sketching and drawing on actual paper or canvas – it will feel smooth and seamless. Most drawing tablets used by professionals can be crazy expensive! Fortunately, more affordable yet quality drawing tablets are now available. 

Whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or someone who makes digital art to express your creativity, you have a wide range of drawing tablets to choose from. We know that browsing through all the drawing pads can be overwhelming. Thus, this review. 

We want to find out which drawing tablets have an affordable price tag but unique features. To help us make the best picks, we asked tech geeks and artists to determine which of the trending drawing tablets fit their needs and standards.

Read on to learn more. 

How We Decided

For two weeks, our team of tech geeks and artists used different drawing tablets to come up with a reliable conclusion. 

Each drawing tab was checked for the following features: 

  • Pen Quality
  • Compatibility With Other Devices
  • Accessibility and User-friendliness of the Drawing Pad
  • How the Drawing Pad Translates Strokes on the Screen
  • Portability

Out of all the drawing pads we reviewed, these stood out. 

Are you a creative working in the field of graphic and fashion design? 

We always hear designers saying that the number struggle they have is that some drawing tablets in the lower price range struggle a lot with processing the strokes in real time. 

Because we know designers and animators rely on the speed and precision of the drawing pad, we looked for one that can read strokes easily without lagging. We found it in the ExoDraw. 

ExoDraw can read up to 2333 points/ second. You can be assured that each stroke – whether thick or thin – will be solid. No splatter, no broken lines. 

The passive stylus pen is battery free – you can bring it anywhere without having to charge it. This advanced pen works with an 8192 pressure level for finer looking strokes. 

The drawing tablet comes with an increased sensitivity to pressure. If you’re bummed with weird color transitions and shadings in other drawing tablets, you’re going to love how ExoDraw makes everything look natural. 

The ExoDraw supports both mobile and laptop connections. This drawing tablet also works well with 2D, 3D, and animation softwares. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you prefer an adjustable drawing tablet that can support various inclined positions, the AmbriDigix is a wonderful pick. 

The tablet’s stand is adjustable up to 60 degrees – you can completely lessen the pressure off your wrists with this feature. 

The drawing area is now bigger at 10×6”. 

When it comes to its pen, AmbriDigix fits the standard. The stylus – which does not need batteries, nor charging, comes with an 8192 pressure level. 

The 8 hotkeys and 16 shortcut keys are placed strategically all over the drawing pad so both left and right-handed creatives can access the buttons easily. All shortcut keys are customizable so you can make your drawing experience more seamless. 

If you’re looking for the drawing tablet with the most quality accessibility features, the AmbriDigix is the answer! 

The AmbriDigix also comes with improved stroke reading capacity. Even the lightest strokes register well! 

You can connect the AmbriDigix with just about any popular drawing software, including Sketchbook, Corel, Adobe Photoshop, Pen Up, and Paint! 

The AmbriDigix can easily be synched in with Macbook, Windows devices, and Android. You can use this drawing tablet for sketching, painting, 

The portable build of the AmbriDigix makes it an ideal drawing tablet for people who are always or those who have to commute or walk long distances. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

Now, this is the drawing tablet for those looking for a product that makes drawing, designing, and connecting to other devices easy. 

The ByteDro does not just come with a wider screen – the screen is also paper-like in quality. When we tried it, we were impressed at the pen just glides because of the tablet’s surface. 

We also love how ByteDro comes with eight customizable short keys (in our opinion, the perfect number for quick keys!) that makes the drawing process flow better as you won’t have to toggle between keys anymore. 

The stylus of the BytePro is one to beat. With it 8920 pressure level range, it’s smooth. It glides well. It catches even the lightest strokes so you can do your shading and coloring in the most precise way. 

Zooming in and out is supported. The tablet also comes with a 60-degree tilt design that helps you make various shading and stroke styles. 

If you’re going to use your drawing tablet for making presentations or showing real-time illustrations while you’re on Zoom or while you’re streaming online, the ByteDro can back you up. Connectivity is seamless – it can connect with tablets, laptops, and personal computers. 

Both experts and beginners rave about the ByteDro – it’s both easy, effective, and a great tool for professional-looking creations! 

Key Features



"Very Great"


An excellent drawing tablet is one of the best secrets to turning your creative ideas into the best drawings, paintings, and sketches! Express your art with the help of the best drawing tablet that gives you more creative freedom, more seamless strokes, and more options! 

Trusted by artists and tech geeks, we can guarantee that the options we listed here are worth your trust and money!