Review: The Top 6 Best Foot Warmers to Buy in 2022 for Comfy, Well Cared of Feet

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

You could be here for several reasons – you might have stumbled upon this review because you just had a disappointing experience with a foot warmer; or you have probably already spent hours and hours researching for the best foot warmers but you still could not decide on what to get. Whatever your reason is, we’re here to let you know that we understand you – choosing the best foot warmers can be a tricky task! 

Wait, Who Are We and Why Does This Review Matter? 

As a team with a common goal to help consumers make smarter, better decisions, we thought “Hmmm, how can we save potential buyers of foot heaters from going through endless websites just to find a foot warmer that won’t let them down?” To ensure that we only offer the best, we decided to team up with foot care experts, tech geeks, and self-care enthusiasts. The invaluable advice tremendously contributed to this review. 

How to Choose the Best Foot Warmers

Now here’s the golden question – what factors separate the must-buy foot heaters from so-so devices? Our experts suggested looking for four things when making a decision as to what foot warmer to buy. 

First, look for foot warmers that have been tested for safety. 

Since you are going to deal with a device that uses heat, it’s essential to check on its safety features. Check if your foot warmer of choice has a protective layer between the heating device and your feet. Also look for the auto-shutdown feature when the heat has reached high. 

Second, check the material. 

Foot warmers should not only just prevent cold from biting your skin; they should also feature materials that are snug, comfortable, and easy to maintain. 

Third, see how it fits your foot. 

You can get the best benefit out of your foot warmers if it can accommodate your feet properly. Getting a feet heater that can really envelope your feet with heat is a great investment! 

Fourth, it should also be capable of addressing pains in other parts of your body. 

Get the bang for your buck by going for feet warmers that can also be used on other parts of the body! 

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are a few of the products that stood out! 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet high-quality foot warmer, we recommend the AvizoSoothe. 

The AvizoSoothe comes with Rapid Heat technology which means that it only takes under ten seconds for the foot warmers to heat up! 

Users of the AvizoSoothe can choose between six temperature settings ranging from 0-45-degrees Celsius) and four timer settings. 

We love how the AvizoSoothe immediately turns off once it senses that the device has reached ideal heat and temperature. 

We’re also big fans of the material used for the AvizoSoothe. The double crystal velvet coat is so soft, fluffy, and smooth – it can help your feel more comfortable on your feet. 

The AvizoSoothe is guaranteed safe. It comes with coated wirings and a layer that prevents that painful, burning sensation on the feet. The AvizoSoothe also automatically shuts down after 2 hours of not using it. 

Thanks to its quality build, you can heat up your feet without worrying about irritated, sweaty, and itchy skin. The fast-drying quality also prevents moisture from ruining the feet warmers. 

Recommended features

Editor's Pick




If what you prefer is a foot warmer with massage capacities, you should get the SkoovGee! 

The SkoovGee foot warmer comes as a more narrow version of the ones previously mentioned above, but what it lacks for size, it compensates for an additional feature – a vibration massage function. 

The vibration massage function comes in handy for anyone who is looking for a hot massage therapy for exhausted or swollen feet. 

You have three settings to choose from when using SkoovGee – vibration massage, heating mode, and vibration and heating. All three settings are designed to also target foot issues like tension, stiffness, pain, and cramps. 

SkoovGee is made of ultra soft flannel, and it comes with a large foot pocket that can accommodate all sizes. 

Tested and proven – the SkoovGee is 100% safe to use. The wirings and heating pads have coatings to prevent you from getting burn spots, and electocution. 

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"Very Good"

If the change of weather has got you reaching for the coziest, thickest, fuzziest boot, you will love the FuzzeSteps. The designers told us that FuzzeSteps is definitely for the days when your foot can no longer handle the onslaught of the cold breeze to your feet. 

The FuzzeSteps comes with a 15-cm inch material thickness that will ensure you won’t ever get cold in your feet again. 

FuzzeSteps comes with a temperature control, and a timer to help you get the ideal heat and duration of heat relief on your feet. When it comes to giving you control of the type of heat relief you’ll get for your feet, the FuzzeSteps is one of the most ideal choices. 

We love how FuzzeSteps make users feel safe with its added safety features. The FuzzeSteps include a protective layer that shields the feet from potential burns. But don’t worry – you won’t be dealing with super high temperatures because the device comes with an auto shut-off feature that prompts the heater to stop when it has reached maximum temperature. You can choose between 40-60 degrees of temperature. 

The FuzzeSteps is guaranteed safe, and ideal for all types of situations where your feet need that extra warmth! 

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"Very Great"

Are you planning to move your foot care routine at home so you can save the bucks (and time!) that you should have spent inside a foot care center? When it comes to a foot warmer with professional-level care, we recommend the HottieSac. 

The HottieSac has 5 heat modes to choose from so you have an extensive choice of setting that will bring the best relief for your feet battered by the cold! 

The materials of the HottieSac are 100% breathable. Your feet won’t feel suffocated in any way. If you’re done with those heavy, uncomfortable foot warmers, this is a top recommendation. 

The inner fleece prevents your feet from sweating out. In the event that you will sweat out, the material will not absorb moisture. 

This device is a great remedy for arthritis, joint pain, muscle issues, and even foot numbness. This one set of foot warmers can be used by multiple people – a great choice if you want value for money purchases. 

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"Very Nice"

Already done with the cold seeping through your feet when you’re doing your regular chores? Do you want to alleviate the painful cold that seems to not let up on making you feel uncomfortable? 

We recommend the HuppyFeet, a great foot warmer that brings relief to pains brought about by the cold (including arthritis and joint pain!). After carefully reviewing the HuppyFeet, our team has noticed that its snug design makes it ideal to distribute heat equally all over your feet so you can experience relief from your feet to your toes! 

We love the HuppyFeet’s oversized design. If you love wearing baggy clothes, shirt, and jeans to combat the cold, the HuppyFeet is a foot warmer you will love! 

The electric heating pads deliver the appropriate heat all throughout the foot warmers. The temperature provided by the heating pads are enough to loosen stiff joints, minimize muscle pain, and improve blood circulation. Even one of our team members said “This foot warmer just helped me feel better!” 

One of the best things about the HuppyFeet is that you don’t need to do major routines to use it. You can easily use this while you’re lounging, eating, reading a book, or catching up with friends on the phone. 

A great gift for those who need a great relief solution for their feet. 

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If you’re looking for a heater and foot massager, we have a recommendation for you – the ShuWarmth. 

Not only is ShuWarmth a top-of-its-class foot warmer – it also acts as a foot massager! Yes – you can get two pain-relieving features in one. 

The ShuWarmth includes a heating pad which targets stiff muscles, sore muscles, weak nerves, and poor circulation. 

As a massage device, the ShuWarmth can also deliver an excellent food massage in 8 ways. You can choose from 8 different foot massage settings to help alleviate any pain or sprain with ease. 

You can be assured that there will be no safety issue. The ShuWarmth comes with an automatic off feature that turns the device off after it has reached its hottest temperature. 

ShuWarmth is also for the people who are all about low-maintenance devices. The foot warmer is easy to clean, maintain and store! 

Another fun thing about the ShuWarmth is that it’s basically for everyone – the size, the style, the way you can freely use it. It’s also multipurpose – you can use it to give heat massages to your legs, arms, and even head. When it comes to giving bang for your buck, the ShuWarmth delivers. 

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Our feet can take the blunt form of exhaustion, stress, and the bitter sting of the cold. However, you don’t have to simply settle and think that there’s no more solution. For the best tools for foot care, the foot warmers top the list. With an excellent foot heater (check our recommendations above!) you can totally redefine foot care!