Review: The 4 Best Galaxy Projector and Star Light in 2022 - Number 1 Wins Overall!

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Mar 22th, 2022

Let’s talk about galaxy projectors – the beautiful inventions that help us feel closer to the stars. They’re amazing, and they give us – literally – an out of this world experience. With all varieties offered in the market lately, it’s easy to ask “Which galaxy projector should I buy?” 

Nebula projectors and star night lamps have evolved through the years. Lately, these devices have become more sophisticated, more realistic. Like you, we’ve also wondered which among the options deserves our money. We did not just want what’s available – we want the best of the best. 

To help us overcome our dilemma and get reliable answers we can share with fellow galaxy projector fans, we decided to ask tech geeks on which nebula projectors to buy in 2022. 

If you want to learn our top picks for the best stars projectors in 2022, read on. 

But first, how did we decide? 

For two weeks, we asked the help of tech geeks to help us checkout the most popular projectors in the market. We gave them a set of qualifications to use when checking each product. Among the 20 products reviewed, only 4 products stood out. These are the qualities we checked. 

Light Quality

We wanted to make sure we feature projectors that can really emit quality light to emphasize the beautiful night images. We also checked if the brightness can be adjusted. 


We want fellow galaxy projectors users to have options when it comes to the images they see with their stars projectors. We looked for projectors with a vast option of images of galaxies, nebulas, and stars.

Easy Function

We want to make sure that the products that qualify on this list won’t give you a hard time if you need to use them. They’re all user-friendly. 

Additional Features 

We also looked for features such as Bluetooth compatibility, adjustable settings, remote-control functions, and auto shut-off timers. 

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 4 products that definitely stood out!

The NebuGlow wowed us at first use with its unique feature – moving, 3D images that will make you feel like you’re floating in the majestic night sky. 

One of the best features of the NebuGlow is its 3D image that – when prompted to move – feels like an actual galaxy. 

This galaxy projector with nebula images comes with 10 different nebula shots to choose from. All images of the nebulas and galaxies offer options of cool and warm shots. Photos also include colorful stars. 

This stars light lamp offers you the option to change the movement of the images – you can go for static visuals, or galaxy shots that move and rotate. 

NebuGlow is also both sights and sounds – a significant feature that cuts the dilemma of making sure you have both lights and speakers. The device is Bluetooth-compatible and can easily connect with laptops and other devices. The high-definition speaker amps up the vibe in your parties, and relaxation sessions. 

All the features of the NebuGlow can be customized and changed using a remote control. 

This projector is ideal for all types of needs – as a relaxation tool, as a mood-setter for sleeping, or as a light effect for parties and photoshoots.

Recommended features

Editor's Pick




Do you want a galaxy projector that can light up an entire room? Are you on the hunt for a lamp with stars effect that can come in handy for events and celebrations? We recommend the HaloXy. 

The HaloXy won us over with its impressive capacity to fill an entire space with beautiful light. It’s a great pick if you have large spaces, or areas that need to be filled with the stars effect. The total scope of the Haloxy is 15-20 square meter. This projector totally busts the idea that star projectors can only cater to smaller rooms. 

If you’re done with noisy projectors, you will love the HaloXy. This night light star projector is the best pick – it releases no sound so you can enjoy your rest and relaxation. 

We love the light settings and the options for images that you can have if you use the HaloXy. Whether you’re setting this device up for a party, or for a night of relaxation, the HaloXy can deliver. 

Despite its high-power, high-capacity light, the HaloXy only consumes low energy. This projector can also be customized and its setting changed using a remote control. 

The HaloXy can be powered simply by a power bank – it’s so mobile you can bring this projector anywhere with you. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

One of the stand-out features of the GalaxaZoom night lamp is its unique galactic images. Unlike regular galaxy projectors, the device features super realistic images of the galaxies and the nebulas – our reviewers commented that you can actually feel like you’re in space.

The GalaxaZoom features up to 3 nebula images to choose from. You can find both cool and warm options in the images that come with the projector.

What reviewers love about GalaxaZoom is its Bluetooth-compatibility. It works well with phones, laptops, MP3 players, and other devices. You can play whatever music you like that suits the mood of your room.

The lighting of the GalaxaZoom is 100% customizable. You can choose from 7 different lighting options. There are lighting modes for relaxation, for romantic events, and for parties, too!

We love the timer included in the GalaxaZoom – it makes turning off the device easier. We can say goodbye to worrying that we have not yet turned off the projector. You can sleep well knowing that the timer will automatically turn off the projector.

This is the bestselling galaxy projector that can elevate the aesthetics of your photography and video shoots. It makes every photo and video look more magical than ever.

It’s portable and the device features a dazzling aesthetic. It can serve as a home decoration when it’s turned off.

The GalaxaZoom works for any room! A great gift for both kids and adults.

Key Features



"Very Great"

Whether you want a romantic vibe to your room, a lulling light for your kids’ bedroom, or a light effect to amp up the vibe to your parties, we have tested and proven that you can choose the TwinkoNaut for that.

The TwinkoNaut comes in a cute, astronaut-design which provides a stable base – you can put it on your table, your night stand, or your work desks. The projector comes with new and improved laser transparent convex mirror lenses that bring out clear, better images of the night sky.

This mini galaxy projector night lamp comes with 8 nebula lighting options which include both cool and warm colors.

Controllability is easy with TwinkoNaut. The projector includes two-way control. You can adjust the settings of the TwinkoNaut using the back buttons and with a remote control. The controls cover brightness, colors, sounds, and auto timer functions.

The projector has pre-set timers – it can be set to work for 45 minutes, and 90 minutes.

The head of the astronaut is easily movable and adjustable allowing you to set an angle that is appropriate for lighting needs.

The astronaut light galaxy projector weighs less than 400 grams – it’s easy to bring anywhere. You can use it in your room, bedrooms, the nursery, office, and even outdoors.

Key Features





Having a device that can help you relax more and enjoy your space better is always a good investment. We knew from the moment we reviewed the galaxy projectors that anyone looking for the best picks can find them on this list. The thorough and meticulous evaluations of tech geeks make us confident that the products we included here are a stand out among the rest!