The Top 3 Heated Hat to Buy in 2022 - Number 3 Will Impress You!

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Jan 8th, 2022

If you’ve ever stepped out of the bitter cold to enjoy winter activities or do your regular winter tasks, you 100% understand how essential heated hats are. You’re here because you know winter heated hats are not just extra add-ons to your winter OOTDs – they’re essential in keeping you warm. But the most important question is this – among all the heated hats available in the market, which one should you buy? 

Heated hats are everywhere – a factor that makes you more confused than ever which heated hat to splurge your money on. You’ve visited several online stores, but you’re still unsure what to get. As fans of finding the best heated products for winter, we asked the winter experts to help us narrow down our choices so we can help you say yes to the best! 

But first, how did we decide? 

Calling a choiced set of products “the best” takes more than just basic opinion – we understand that we need those products to pass meticulous testing. For two weeks, we asked experts on gearing up for the winter to help review more than 20 of the most popular heated hats in the market. 

In the span of 14 days, we asked the experts to check the heated hats for the following factors: 

High-quality Insulation Material

The best heated hats are ones that can distribute and retain heat in the most effective way. The secret to these features lie on the quality of insulation material used for the hat. We asked the experts to look specifically for infrared insulation materials that guarantee to help users feel warm for a longer time. 

Breathable Fabric

The heated hats should bring added warmth – not make you feel more uncomfortable than you already are in your bundle of clothing. This is why we wanted to make sure the heated hats we feature here come with breathable fabric. 

Reliable Heating Design

We specifically looked for heated hats that can deliver enough heat to the head. Heated hats with different heat settings were also given a higher score. 


Heated hats are more than just head warmers – they should also complement and add style to your winter OOTD. Each product listed here is guaranteed to be stylish. 

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 3 heated hats that stood out.

If you’re looking for the best heated hat to wear specifically for outdoor sports and winter adventures, we highly recommend the FrizzoHat.

The FrizzoHat heated beanie comes with a design that is ideal for the tough outdoor situations during winter.

This heated hat comes with a moisture-wicking feature that helps eliminate any dew or cold moisture that can bring major discomfort during your outdoor winter fun.. The polyester and velvet combination is great if you want a heated hat that clings to your head without making you feel icky.

The heat distribution begins fast – in just 30 seconds, you can feel the warmth distributed throughout your head.

You can use the FrizzoHat for a long time – an excellent pick if you are the type to stay out for a long time. This heated hat with three temperature controls allow you to customize the heat levels that work for your and your chosen activities.

We love the looks of the FrizzoHat – it’s edgy, classic, and easy to match with anything. This hat is a classic hit for your winter OOTD!

Recommended features

Editor's Pick




Have you ever felt disappointed with heated hats that just don’t fit right on the head? Are you looking for heated hats that come with the right fit, and can heat up your head in the most comfortable, secured way? We recommend the SubzoBean.

Unlike regular beanies, SubzoBean is made to cling onto your head in a secured way. Our reviewers noted that they were able to go about their daily activities and winter adventures without worrying about their hats falling off.

Despite the secured fit of the SubzoBean, it’s one of the most comfortable heated beanies on this list. This heated hat with velvet lining won’t make you feel sweaty or icky while you’re wearing it. The materials used for the SubzoBean are moisture-wicking and 100% breathable.

Another plus for the SubzoBean is its mobile power supply. This USB-rechargeable heated hat can easily be charged using a powerbank. This heated hat totally eliminates the need to find a power source – which can be a struggle if you’re relying heavily on anything heated.

The beanie with a heater comes with a three heat setting; the lowest setting allows you to use this hat for as long as 6 hours.

The SubzoBean can stand all winter activities – engaging in winter sports, doing regular tasks like grocery shopping and walking your dog, and even for exercising during the winter.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Are you looking for a heated hat that can give you optimum heat on your head without making you feel too hot or too uncomfortable? Are you done with heated hats that are just not compatible with your winter style? We recommend that you try the NeroCap.

The NeroCap makes it to our list thanks to its optimum heat distribution that allows you to feel the heat all throughout your head – from your forehead to the back of your head. Another thing that made the NeroCap stand out is its far infrared radiant heating technology that gently spreads the heat throughout your head and holds that heat for a longer period of time.

This heated hat also provides users with options – the hat has three heat level settings ranging from low, medium, to high. This feature is a plus to us because we value customization! These heat settings also make the hat great for all-year use.

The material of the NeroCap is breathable polyester. The heated hat is a total breeze to wear, and is very stylish that you can add it to your next winter OOTD!

This heated hat is a great gift for yourself, and for your loved ones!

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from gearing up for the bitter winter cold, it is that we don’t underestimate the benefits of heated hats. These mini hats for the winter can make a difference in how we actually enjoy the season. This is why we made sure to only include the best heated hats in the market – the top products to buy in 2022. Vouched by experts and trusted by actual heated hat users, we guarantee that these products listed here won’t disappoint!