The 3 Best Kids Alarm Clocks for Sleep Training and Time Management - According to Experts

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 26th, 2022

Kids learn and do more through time blocks and routines. You’re probably that kind of parent, too – one who wants their kids to learn the value of time, and schedules. You might have already settled for regular alarm clocks only to discover they don’t do the trick. 

If you’re here because you’re looking for an alarm clock for kids that you can use as a sleep trainer and timer, you have come to the right place. We gathered the best kids’ alarm clock that makes sleep training and mastering routines more convenient for kids and parents. 

How We Decided

Sleep training and time management are critical for kids to learn at a young age. These processes can leave parents frustrated all the time. We asked experts to team up with us to determine which kids alarm clocks are worth the money. 

In our two-week review, we discovered that the following factors make up the best alarm clocks for kids: 

  • Kid-friendly, attention grabbing design
  • Customizable lights and sounds
  • Easy-to-program features
  • Features that help even young kids to tell time (voice features, color matching)
  • Gentle, non-intrusive alarm sounds
  • Durable alarm clocks
  • Efficient alarm clocks that don’t go off at random times

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are what stood out

We found a kids alarm clock that features the combination of child-friendly lights and sounds, easy programming for parents, and a design that will captivate your little bub’s attention. 

From its design, you can immediately tell that the BearSnooze will win a child’s heart. It features a cute bear design which is a far cry from intimidating, boring alarm clocks. 

Apart from the design, the BearSnooze also comes with adjustable night lights in various colors. These night lights are muted. If it’s too bright for your child, you can easily lower the brightness. What we love about this night light feature is that you can also assign each color to a certain activity. For example, you can assign the blue color for sleeping, and the yellow one for wake-up time. 

The BearSnooze makes it easy to do sleep training as your children can use the alarm clock as their guide. 

Parents, you will love the alarm sounds of the BearSnooze which are made more kid-friendly. They’re gentle, but they can wake your little bubs up. No need to worry about your kids waking up grumpy. 

What we also love about the BearSnooze is that it is also compatible with other activities (apart from sleep training). You can use it to train kids to focus on homework, and play. You can also use this to set boundaries for screentime. 

We are impressed with the durable build of the BearSnooze – its silicone cover protects the alarm clock from breaking and cracking due to impact and falls. The battery of this kids alarm clock is phenomenal, too – it can last up to 5 days when fully charged.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Parents will find their best companion in sleep training in the ShoozeMush kids alarm clock. This alarm clock specially designed for kids comes with lights and sounds that make keeping track of time more fun. 

Do you have kids that hate regular alarm clocks? The ShoozeMush showcases a totally adorable alarm clock – one that looks like a bunny – that kids will definitely check every now and then. 

The light effects of the ShoozeMush are ideal for sleep training – they all feature a gentle, halo glow that helps lull kids to sleep. If the lights are too bright, you can easily adjust it to suit your liking. 

You can get creative with the light features – you can set lights that can indicate sleeping time, wake up time, play time, nap time, and a whole lot of activities. Even if your kids can’t tell time yet, the lights allow them to know what they need to do. 

There are a total of 5 colors to choose from, and each color can be assigned for a specific activity. 

You also have options when it comes to alarm sounds. You can set alarms before sleeping to tell kids it’s time to prep for bed. Once they’re tucked in, you can set another alarm for sleeping, and eventually, for waking up. You won’t have to endlessly remind them again and again – the clock and its sounds will do it for you. 

Choose from pre-set alarms, or create an alarm block suited for your child’s schedule. The programming for this alarm clock is super easy, and comes with a lock feature, too. 

Key Features




Looking for an alarm clock for sleep training that you can count on to make the job easier for you? We recommend the RawroBeep. 

We just can’t get enough of the design of this kids’ alarm clock. It is a mini dinosaur alarm clock that can also double as an aesthetic addition to your child’s room. 

The RawroBeep comes with 5 night light options that you can choose from. There are bright varieties for day activities, and cooler ones for night time routines. Each night light color is 100% adjustable. 

We love how the RawroBeep includes a countdown timer that prepares your kids for bedtime. No more endless reminders – the clock can do this for you. 

The RawroBeep also comes with a voice feature that tells time out loud. Even if your kids can’t tell time yet, this feature will make it easy for your children to follow the routine. 

You can choose from 6 different alarm sounds – each one is customizable. 

You can use the RawroBeep not only for sleep training but also for other activities such as doing homework, playtime, reading, art time, outdoor play, and screen time. You can win back your time by helping kids make the most out of their routines. 

The RawroBeep gets a high rating from parents who are all about cutesy designs and stellar features. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Teaching kids about time schedules and routines will prepare them for bigger responsibilities in the future. When kids have a better control of their time, parents can reclaim time for themselves, too. This powerful proof is one of the reasons why alarm clocks for kids are such a great investment for both kids and moms and dads. 

We guarantee that the products we feature here pass our standards and the meticulous review of experts. Each item here will give you the best features.

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