3 Best Kids Scooter to Buy to Get Your Toddlers Started

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

Is teaching your toddler how to ride a scooter next on your list of essential life skills to teach? Well, kid scooters are the best starting point. However, if you think that all kids scooters are built the same, you might have to listen to this: they’re not! In fact, there are a variety of scooters marketed for kids, like kick scooters, pro scooters, and even electric scooters. Hence, it is safe to say that getting lost in all of these options is expected. So to help you find the perfect kids scooter for your kid’s first milestone, we have reviewed and tested over 30 scooters on the market to find the best of the best at any price point. And for easy decision-making, we’ve narrowed down our list to only our Top 3 Favorites so that you’ll never have to second-guess yourself once you click that purchase button.

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No doubt that this ScootLER Kids Scooter was our absolute standout. This 3-wheel scooter features fun and safety, all in one easy-to-ride design. The riding experience the ScootLER provides is one of the best. It’s smooth, sturdy, and fluid, making first-timers easy to learn. The ScootLER’s built delivers solid performance and ensures a comfortable ride regardless of how bumpy the road is, essential for safety and creating fun and memorable experiences.

Of course, the ScootLER also comes with specialized designs that appeal to every toddler’s liking. It features a cool, flashing wheel with a built-in magnetic core that lights up in every twist and turn. The underbody structure also comes with stylish graphics to make your kid stand out amongst their friends.

Aside from that, safety features are also in place to guarantee your kid will love every second they spend on the scooter. First, there’s a rear-wheel brake pedal that’s easy for kids to step on to put the scooter into a halt. Next, it comes with a widened non-slip pedal—which is also wear and impact-resistant—making riding and sliding safer for toddlers. And lastly, the built-in steel plate creates a sturdy and fluid feel that makes maneuvering easy peasy. Plus, it’s foldable and adjustable to your kid’s height, making storing and riding easy peasy.

Overall, the ScootLER is an excellent choice for toddlers starting with this fun and exciting activity. It’s a complete package, with safety features that put a great deal of peace of mind among parents.

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The MowwTer Kids Scooter comes with a sophisticated style with a smooth and stable performance that makes your toddler’s first time safe and full of fun. It comes with top-notch features that you as a parent will surely appreciate, giving you that peace of mind when allowing your kids to explore.

This kids scooter comes with a braking function on the rear wheel to allow instant stopping to prevent accidents. The low deck design also ensures a safe riding experience by enabling better balance so that your kid will feel comfortable even if it’s their first ride.

Of course, the sturdy and smooth performance of the MowwTer is something to look forward to. There’s no bumpy feeling or that common “clackity clack” you hear from kick scooters. What’s even better is that the height is adjustable, so it lasts for more years as your child grows. And as a bonus, it comes in a foldable design to make carrying and storing easy for every parent.

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Here’s another top-quality kids scooter that will make your toddler jump for joy once they see it. The OttoFun brings nothing but nonstop fun in any outdoor activity. It’s a 3-wheel scooter with an adjustable stem to fit your child’s height. What’s impressive with the OttoFun is it exceed ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (F963) — so there’s peace of mind when you let your toddler ride their hearts out.

Aside from being kid-proof, the OttoFun is also aesthetically pleasing to every kid’s eyes. It features natural control LED wheels that light up every twist and turn. And its low and wide deck makes it easy for kids of all ages to balance and have fun.

We love this scooter’s durable build—its weather, scratch, and impact-resistant. It’s even strong enough to handle up to 100 pounds of weight. Of course, the eye-catching wheels are a nice touch, but the OttoFun’s overall performance will make everything better and worth it. It’s smooth, sturdy, easy to control, and even precise maneuvering. All in all, an excellent choice for first-time kids at a friendly price!

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Scootering is an excellent activity to train your toddler’s motor, coordination, and balance skills early. It’s fun and safe, making them fall in love with outdoor activities than getting stuck on electronic devices. However, to ensure that your kids create a memorable experience, it is essential to choose what kids scooter to buy carefully. That said, here are a few recommendations to consider before buying your kids’ scooter:

Adjustable Height

It is essential to opt for kids’ scooters that are adjustable in height to last as your child grows. With this, you can ensure that it’ll last for more years to come, rather than buying a new one every time your kid grows out of it.

Durable Materials

Kids play carefree, so it is essential to ensure the scooter is made of durable, sturdy materials with resistance to impact, wearing, etc. This design guarantees that it can withstand whatever your kid throws at it.

Opt for Wide, Low-Deck Scooters

Balance isn’t something that comes easily to every kid. That said, choosing a scooter with a wide, low-deck profile makes balancing easy, especially on their first try. It makes the whole experience fun, exciting, and memorable.

Other Features

Other features will convince your kid to try scootering. LED wheels are a nice touch to pique their interest and signal that it will be a fun activity. Excellent grip handles also make this activity easy and comfortable for the child. And for parents, choosing a scooter with a foldable design makes storing and carrying convenient no matter where you decide to teach your child how to ride a scooter.


The products we highlighted in this review have passed all our criteria for testing. We guarantee that they’re durable and sturdy enough to withstand every child’s movement and smooth and fluid enough to make their first-time a memorable one. So give them a try and take advantage of our site’s special offers. We assure you, it’s worth every penny spent!