Mini Projectors We Love : A Review on 5 Portable Projectors to Buy in 2022

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Our vision plays a great role in our learning and entertainment experience. With good visuals, and clearer images, we learn and understand better. We also enjoy snippets of entertainment in front of us.

Having a good visual scope allows you to grasp messages better, and appreciate stories, and lessons even more. Imagine how different it would be if you’re dealing with small icons, and low quality images – learning will be hard and exhausting. If you’re watching a movie with a small screen, it would be hard to appreciate what you’re watching.

If you’re a teacher or a big entertainment fan, you’re probably here because you want to find the best mini projectors for your class, and for your movie sessions. We’ve got good news: you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, we’re featuring 5 of the best mini projectors for multiple purposes. We gathered the impressions of educators, parents, students, and entertainment geeks to help us know which portable projectors can make it to the cut.

The tech geeks have spoken – here are five mini projectors to buy in 2022.

The bigger the better – some things are truly meant to be watched on the big screen. If you’re a teacher, or if you’re homeschooling kids, having clear, crisp videos is key to catching their attention. But here’s the thing — when you use a big television, kids can become prone to radiation that might affect their health in the long run. See big things without the health risk with the BittyFlash portable projector.

This projector is ideal for parents, teachers, and educators who want to make their teaching more effective through images. It has high brightness, high resolution, and comes with a power bank compatibility so you can still use it even if there’s no electric supply nearby.

The BittyFlash is also for parents! If you want to unwind after a day with teaching kids, you can relax by watching a movie with the use of BittyFlash. With high quality speakers, you can convert your home into your own mini theater.

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Do you always have office presentations that you need to excel in? Do you feel like you could do better when it comes to presenting your systems, graphs, and overall plan? If you’re an office worker who wants to go the extra mile without breaking the bank, the PocketProject mini projector for the office is for you.

It’s literally mini – it can be grasped by one hand alone. It can fit your office bag easily. Despite its size, it can deliver up to 1020P quality, and 1000 lumens. It comes with an HDMI port – it’s compatible with laptops. The projector also comes with a built-in speaker so you won’t have to carry a pair of speakers every time you present something.

If you’re looking for an affordable projector for your office presentations, the PocketProject is a stellar choice.

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Is your family a big fan of home entertainment? Do you enjoy watching movies that you consider your “bonding” time one filled with exciting films? Nothing makes family movie sessions more fascinating than actually watching the movie on a big, HD screen.

But let’s face it — a big TV can be very expensive. It’s also very hard to bring anywhere, too. If you want to make your family movie time more special, the PortaScreen is the best mini projector for you.

The PortaScreen is big in portability – it can be cradled on the palm of your hands. Despite its size, it can deliver 150 ANSI lumen light sources and is compatible with 1080 pixel resolution. You can see your movie in crisp detail!

Equipped with two 3W speakers on the left and right side, the PortaScreen also gives great sound effect. The projector is also Bluetooth compatible so if you’re done with watching videos from your small screen, you can simply connect the Bluetooth, and you and your family can join in the fun of watching on the big screen.

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If you’re looking for a mini projector, you must be keen on checking these two boxes: portability and functionality. If you’re going to travel a lot, and you’re bringing your projector with you for your office functions, presentations, and get together with friends, it’s key that the projector should be transportable.

The MobilTune stands by it’s name – it’s very mobile. It comes in a compact design that weighs less than one kilo – it’s the perfect travel projector.

Although small, the MobilTune is packed with functions. It’s designed by vision experts from the United States. This small projector can deliver big visual quality – up to 1080p even.

The MobilTune can be installed in 3 ways – on the ceiling, on a stand, or by placing it on a desk. This wireless projector uses advanced LCD imaging technology and LED light source with up to 6000 lux brightness, Native resolution 720P, up to 1080P supported. So it allows us to see all the details on the 60-120” large display.

The MobilTune also includes 360-speaker, and Bluetooth compatibility. This is a perfect projector for home movies, videos, and classroom presentations.

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Big things come in small packages. If you believe that, the NanoVice mini projector is the right match for you. This advanced projector weighs less than the actual projector, but not lesser in quality.

The NanoVice is like a home system in one mini projector. It has an HD, LED screen that reflects quality images. The compact design makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you like. The NanoVice can display videos and images on a 220” inch “virtual” screen.

It comes with a USB port, a memory card slot, and an AUX port – a feature that makes the NanoVice compatible with multiple devices.

The NanoVice is a great device to bring to parties, events, meetings, classes, and even on outdoor camping events.

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Thanks to innovative technology, we no longer have to carry huge televisions and computer screens just to deliver a presentation, or watch a movie. With these mini projectors, we can enjoy the benefits of living large – and seeing large – without the commitment of price and commitment. Small projectors deliver – that’s what most of those who have tried and tested these projectors have testified.

If you’re in the hunt for reliable, trusted, and expert-recommended mini projectors, check out our list above.