Review: The Best Selfie Sticks to Buy in 2022 for More Awesome Photos

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Taking quality selfie, groufie, and landscape shots has been made easier by selfie sticks. Now, you can include more people, and capture more detailed shots of landscapes, landmarks, and popular vacation spots. 

All kinds of selfie sticks have been popping out of the market ever since it was introduced. Our team has collectively tried many selfie sticks, and we’ve had our fair share of disappointments. 

We realized that not every selfie stick is worth the splurge. 

Since we’re avid travelers who are all about taking photos of our great adventures, our team – composed of a professional photographer, a true blue traveler, and a tech geek – decided to take on challenge to finding the best selfie sticks in 2022. 

To help us refine the cut, we asked the help of actual selfie stick users, vloggers, and several influencers to put some products to the test. 

After several weeks of testing, we were able to came up with the top 3 selfie sticks in 2022 that’s perfect for travelers, vloggers, influencers, and anyone who wants to capture great photos. 

Read on to find out more about our top recommendations. 

How We Decided 

During the testing of the selfie sticks, we made sure that our choices will have the following features: 

  • Retractable and Expandable Stick
  • Stabilizing Feature
  • Travel-friendly Design
  • Covertible Selfie Stick That Can Change Into a Tripod
  • Lighting Modes
  • Universal Compatibility

Out of all the selfie sticks we reviewed, these are the best products that stood out from the rest. 

“My girlfriends and I went out for drinks and we decided to bring the CamFlash with us. Before, we’d usually end up with blurry, dark photos. CamFlash is a gamechanger! Our photos turned out great even though the place had very low lighting! Bringing this with us all the time.” – Stacy, Marketing Manager

What drew us into CamFlash is its amazing built-in LED light. The lighting quality is able to illuminate even dark areas and spots prone to shadows. The LED lighting comes with nine modes you can try depending on the light settings of the location you are in. 

Among all the selfie sticks, CamFlash is also the longest when expanded – it can be as long as 40 inches. 

What we also love about the CamFlash is that it can handle any type of phone. It has a universal fit, and its durable stainless steel material can hold up the phone securely. The overall build of the stick adds stability to the hold so we didn’t end up with shaky photos. 

The CamFlash is also Bluetooth-compatible, and it comes with a remote control which we really like because it allowed us to enjoy hands-free operation. 

The package of the CamFlash includes a non-slip tripod for moments when you feel like taking photos from a distance. 

Great for vloggers and influencers who are all about photo quality, great lighting, and stability. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“I often travel alone so take my photos on my own. It’s always a struggle. That’s why when we did the review, I specifically looked for a selfie stick with the best remote control. Good thing I found it in CaptureBest! The Bluetooth connection of the remote is so smooth, I didn’t have to go check the phone only to find out I didn’t capture anything. This selfie stick is coming with me to Italy!” – Marion, Travel Blogger

The CaptureBest got our attention for its seamless Bluetooth 3.0 connection. We didn’t have to press multiple times just for the “capture” button to work. The remote control is a total lifesaver – it can control the shutter function within a 39 feet range. 

When expanded, the CaptureBest extends up to 26.7 inches. You can use this product as a selfie stick and a tripod with stable base. The tripod can be extended up to 26 inches. 

The CaptureBest offers a solid, firm grip both for vertical and horizontal photos and videos. 

We love the lightweight quality of the CaptureBest! When folded, it’s only 7.3 inches, it weighs around less than 130 grams – it’s so easy to travel with. 

This product is great for travel vloggers and bloggers, or for anyone who is always traveling!

Recommended Features


"Very Good"


“We were bound to travel to the mountains during the review. I asked to bring StandeeShot with me to test if its great for those who are always on-the-go. I wasn’t disappointed. In my opinion, the most travel-friendly yet complete selfie stick in the bunch!” – Chelsea, trekking enthusiast. 

This product is for the travel geeks who don’t like devices that come with a ton of bulky accessories. The StandeeShot has combined two of the must-have features in a selfie stick – an expandable length and a built-in tripod feature. 

At the bottom of the StandeeShot is a tripod stand which is non-slip and can support the entire weight of the phone. 

The StandeeShot comes with a universal fit so you won’t have to worry about whether or not it can hold up your phone. 

When retracted, the StandeeShot is only at 7.5 inches – a size that’s so convenient to put in the bag. The stick is extremely lightweight, and isn’t flagged on airports so it’s 100% travel-friendly. 

The StandeeShot also comes with a remote with a seamless connection – comes in handy when you need to take photos of you from a distance. 

The stick is also chargeable and comes with a long-lasting battery. A traveler can go backpacking for two days and not worry about the stick malfunctioning due to power loss. 

StandeeShot supports vertical and horizontal angles.

Recommended Features





Photos immortalize memories – this is one of the major reasons why a device that amps up the photo quality is a must have. Whether you’re traveling, gathering with friends, or documenting a special event, having a selfie stick is important. The selfie stick may just look like a simple stick, but it can elevate your whole photo-capturing experience. 

Trusted by experts, and raved about by actual users, we are confident that the selfie sticks we recommended above won’t let you down.