Here are 3 Best Space Heaters to Buy for Winter 2022

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Sep 28th, 2022

Whether it’s to quick-fix an always-cold room or to keep you warm and cozy all winter long, space heaters are to the rescue. So, we’ve searched for the best portable & electric space heaters that you can buy and finally say goodbye to the shivering cold that puts a big damper on your weekend lounging. Ranging from oscillating design to fast heating to one-of-a-kind display, we’ve concluded that these 3 products we’re about to highlight are the best-of-the-best for winter 2022. And, to give you better insights, we’ve worked with experts and hyperenthusiastic reviewers for your easy decision-making.

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Are you tired of the old, plain space heater designs and looking for something new to spice up your room with a 3D realistic fireplace? Then, this Lireo Electric Space Heater is the best buy. As mentioned, this space heater is accompanied by burning logs and realistic dancing flames to give any room that Medieval ambiance. Of course, its heating function is also one of the best to have this winter season. This portable mini space heater with 1000W of power can quickly fill your room with warmth and coziness.

What makes the Lireo stand out is its heat vents that ensure you receive an even and stable warm wind whenever in use—thanks to the series of horizontal hot air blocking points installed in the device. It also comes with remote control and a multi-protection safety system (overheating protection) to allow you to change temperatures with ease and peace of mind. 

Overall, the Lireo is a decent space heater that can offer you all the good stuff, such as fast heating, quiet functionality, and power. But when it comes to design and decorative display—there’s nothing better than this.

Love the dancing flame display of this space heater. For someone who lives in a small apartment alone, the overall look of the Lireo makes me reminisce the good holiday memories with friends and family. It made me feel less homesick because the warmth this space heater gives reminds me of home. Thanks, Lireo!

Joanna, New York

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Here’s another space heater that leaves no dead corner. The Zenzier features a PTC porcelain heating technology and high-speed fans to deliver up to 1200W of heat so that you can effortlessly combat the presence of cold in every room. It comes with a rotation function via a spin axis inside the device that evenly spreads out warm wind in the entire space, giving you a one-of-a-kind comfort this winter season.

Aside from that, the Zenzier caters to your varying comfort level. It sports 3 adjustable modes designed according to your preferences, such as 1200W of hot wind, 750W of warm breeze, and 4.5W of natural wind. Using this space heater while you sleep and relax is PERFECT, too. It comes with a noiseless function and top-of-the-line safety features (tip-over and overheating protection) that ensure you get the most out of your weekends off with friends and family.

Furthermore, its ABS, fire-proof shell, sleek, and portability design make it a suitable space heater for every room without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. The Zenzier is safe, comfortable, and efficient—indeed a great deal to minimize the cold this winter season.

If your home’s heating system isn’t enough to fill every room with heat, this Zenzier is an excellent hack. I love this space heater because it’s easy to move from room to room, and it covers wider space than most space heaters available today. I have two of these devices, and my family never complained about the cold anymore. I highly recommend this product because it works and it’s safe. Yes, we even leave it on while we head outside, and everything is fine. I highly recommend this.

Maze, New York

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If you want your heaters to cover a wider space, then the ArDeur is the PERFECT option to buy. This space heater features an oscillating design that covers up to 120° right and left areas for better coverage. It’s built using the latest PTC ceramic heating technology with 2 high-speed fans that can fill a 200 sq. ft. room with feel-good warmth in just seconds.

The ArDeur also comes with a set of add-ons that significantly targets your convenience. First, there’s a remote control that allows you to toggle between temperatures and features at a distance—such as timers, heat settings, and oscillations. Next is its tip-over and auto shut-down features that protect the device from overheating and other hazards caused by accidentally tilting or tipping the heater. And lastly, it’s gentle and quiet, giving you the perfect warmth that’s conducive to relaxation and achieving a goodnight’s sleep.

Overall, the ArDeur combines coverage, convenience, and power nicely so that you can effectively get rid of the cold in any space in your home. Hence, why it’s the go-to space heater to keep the warmth and coziness during the winter season.

I love the ArDeur’s oscillating design, for it covers the entire room effortlessly. Unlike other space heaters I’ve tried before, this one fills our entire living space with heat most gently and comfortably possible. Its dimensions made it easy to carry around from room to room, too, making it easier whenever we have guests sleeping over.

Samantha, Colorado

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Space heaters are an excellent addition to your home’s centralized heating system. They’re easy to install and carry around from room to room to enable you to hit your desired comfort level this winter season. The products we highlighted in this roundup are proven and tested to deliver the best service possible. From fast heating to wide coverage to overall convenience—these items guarantee to provide you with the best warmth this winter season. So if you’re still looking and searching from webpage to webpage, give these space heaters a try. You’ll absolutely love every second spent with them.