The Top 3 Best Travel Pillows for Resting on the Go- Number 1 Got a 100% Rating!

Emma Taylor, Contributor Updated: Jan 3rd, 2022

Travel pillows have been marketed as the ultimate boon for long distance travels. They bring with them a promise that you will be freed from the ever-tormenting enemy – finding the best sleeping position. 

But here’s the catch – not all travel pillows deliver. As frequent flyers and travelers ourselves, we’ve had a fair share of travel pillow nightmares. We figured out it’s time to put a stop on these frustrations once and for all. 

For all those flyers and travelers who have had enough travel neck pillows that don’t offer total support for comfort, this is for you.

Read on for our list of the best travel neck pillows to buy!

How We Decided

We spared no pillow in our determination to pick out the best of the bests. With the help of actual travelers and commuters, we were able to come up with a list of the most recommended travel pillows! 

For two weeks, we asked our review team to use some of the best-selling pillows and rank them based on the following criteria: 


We looked for pillows that can provide total support for the neck, the head, and the face so you won’t have to endure the awful pains that come from resting in uncomfortable positions. 


The pillow should be able to offer support for different sleeping positions. 


This travel essential should also be portable so it’s easier for you to bring them anywhere you like. 

Quality of Materials

We don’t want travelers to get skin irritation from the pillows we recommend. This is why we picked out neck pillows that come with high quality materials. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, here are the top 3 products that stood out.

This pillow is for those that are always looking for different sleeping positions while traveling via plane or car. Rated 100% by reviewers, this U-shaped travel pillow is versatile, durable, and topnotch in providing total support. 

Reviewers call this “the travel pillow that has it all” and for good measure – this pillow threw in a hoodie feature just in case. 

The ComfyLean travel pillow is undisputed in providing support for all types of sleeping positions. With this pillow, you can rest on the side, or lean in front. The ergonomic design allows your neck and shoulder muscles to relax so you can have a more restful sleep. 

This versatile travel neck pillow supports four sleeping positions – the lock, the hug, the nod, and the cradle. 

We love the sturdiness of this pillow; you won’t have to worry about it getting deformed or slouched when you’re sleeping. 

The pillow comes with adjustable strings to help you get the fit that’s right for your resting position. The fit plus the design prevents your head from hanging loose that can eventually lead to strains and pains. 

Comfort can be felt even on the cover of the U-shaped travel pillow. The cover is made from high quality microfiber material that is 100% skin friendly. 

You can easily bring ComfyLean with you during your travels. The pillow is inflatable – you can conveniently store it in your travel bags when not in use. 

All reviewers agree that this portable U-shaped travel neck pillow is great for all types of travelers and commuters!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Do you want to feel rested during your travel time without having to bring an actual bulky pillow? The DravvyRest got your back! 

The DravvyRest now comes with taller and sturdier side support to retain the ideal posture for you when you’re taking a snooze. The pillow supports the neck and shoulder muscles to prevent any unnecessary strains or pains after waking up. 

Reviewers love the elevated design on the back part of the pillow. One reviewer noted that the design allows the neck – which is always susceptible to bad positions – to completely rest and relax. 

The DravvyRest comes with memory foam. The pillow efficiently wraps the curves and crevices of your head throughout your entire rest. The foam also bounces back to its original shape after use. 

This travel pillow is foldable, thus, also a very portable option for traveling. 

The DravvyRest is made from high quality, machine-washable material. The fabric of the cover is also moisture-wicking, and is breathable which helps eliminate any possible discomfort you might feel from traditional pillows. 

The pillow includes a string for adjusting the fit. Anyone of any size can use this pillow! 

Recommended Features

Key Features




If you still have not encountered ostrich pillows in your search for travel pillows, it’s time to pay them attention. The RestWylGo neck pillow for traveling is one considered by reviewers as “

First of all, the design of the RestWylGo is one to love – it is evident how much support your neck, face, and even chin will get from this pillow. It is also built to be ergonomically sturdy to allow your muscles on your shoulders, neck, and face to relax even better. You can get 360-degree support when you use the RestWylGo. 

This is a travel-friendly neck pillow. It comes with straps which can make it easy for you to strap them in conveniently on your bags and suitcases. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your pillow. 

The memory foam of the RestWylGo makes the pillow easy to stuff in your bag. You can be assured that it will come back to its proper shape after you pull it out. 

The pillow comes with a velcro strap which makes it easy to remove and adjust. 

This is a great pick for anyone who wants to sleep comfortably while they are sitting down. 

If you are looking for both convenience and efficient support, we highly recommend the RestWylGo!

Recommended Features

Key Features


"Very Good"



Traveling should not be synonymous to not getting enough rest. With these best travel pillows, we assure you that traveling comfortably while sleeping is now made possible. Recommended by travelers and approved by the experts, you can trust that each pick here is worth every penny! On to better rest times while traveling!

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