3 Best Typewriter Keyboard to Buy for a New Typing Experience this 2022

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Feb 3rd, 2022

Shopping for a new keyboard? If you’re tired of the usual gimmick, here’s a unique typing experience that might satisfy your tech cravings.

Enter Typewriter Keyboards. These devices combine the beautiful aesthetics and alluring typing sounds of the retro typewriters. And with a modern take, these keyboards now work like your high-end keyboards but with a nostalgic feel that makes every office space or study room pop even more!

So if you’re in the market for new and exciting things, we are listing down our Top 3 Favorites to give you the best option. We’ve tested them and fallen in love with them. 

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The GlitzMo is our absolute favorite. Its design screams classic anywhere you look. This typewriter keyboard comes with an all-metal structure with a chassis made of wood and PBT. Hence, it’s durable and stable in withstanding even the hardest taps.

Its functions are excellent too. This device supports a multi-device wireless connection that allows you to switch between 3 connected devices all in one swipe. And for compatibility, it works for both USB and USB-C connections, which is fantastic if you have different OS devices.

The GlitzMo comes in a standard 83 LED keys for the keyboard part. But, what’s unique about this is it has a dual-scroll knob encoder that allows you to control mouse scrolling on the left knob and volume on the right—totally reminiscent of the old typewriters.

Aside from these unique add-ons, the GlitzMo also comes with other features that make the experience even better. It has built-in 4 indicator lights that notify different functions like Bluetooth and wired connection, windproof lock indicator, cover indicator, and charging. And it runs via 2000mAh battery capacity for long-lasting use.

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If you’ve been shopping for PC and Laptop accessories, you know that Logitech is a well-known, trusted brand. And for typewriter keyboards, their POP KEYS are an absolute stand out for us. Imagine 104 total keys with 8 customizable emoji keys to make your messages pop without going through the hassle of downloading extensions or apps. Plus, it supports a multi-device connection that allows you to switch between your laptop, tablet, or smartphone with just one tap.

Further, the Logitech POP Keys have the nicest, bounciest typing keys ever. Your fingers will absolutely jump for joy in navigating those comfortable, cutesy, round-shaped keys. Here’s the best part: it’s engineered to last you up to 50 million strokes, and that’s one heck of a keyboard for a retro-style design.

Overall, the Logitech POP Keys is a joy to have if you want to add a little personality to your office space. It’s compact and comfy to use, making it one of the best feel-good keyboards out there. 

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Here’s another classic that will make you fall in love with typing again. The ClikTak Retro Typewriter Keyboard has a full layout of 104 keys that taps and sounds terrific. It’s made of a luxurious, high-quality aluminum body with backlights that creates the perfect atmosphere—whether to work or socialize on the internet. 

We love ClikTak’s adjustability, explicitly changing the brightness and frequency you desire. And its overall design screams 100% retro, with top-notch accuracy and easy hotkeys. Further, it’s compatible with all OS, even gaming. So that might be something to look forward to.

Nonetheless, the ClikTak is a decent typewriter keyboard for its price. It comes in a plug-n-play set up, without the necessary settings to make it work as you imagined. And did we mention the round keys are handcrafted? Yes, that’s something unique that you can take advantage of. 

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Your office or study setup is very personal, and if you want to go retro, these typewriter keyboards are excellent additions. The products we recommend in this list passed all our testing criteria. Plus, on a personal note, they are our absolute favorites. These devices deliver the aesthetics, functions, and feel we expect. So to ensure you get the value of your purchase, take advantage of the special offers on our site.