Review: Top 3 Best Water Guns to Buy in 2022 That Will Beat All Other Water Guns in Your Games

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Aug 1st, 2022

Are you looking for a new water gun to help you become victorious in your water games? 

Nothing is more fun than a day filled with you and your friends shooting water splashes with one another. Now, you won’t have to settle with traditional water guns because more and more upgraded versions are in the market. 

Introducing electric water guns! 

Our review team must admit that we were totally drawn to these electric water guns because they just make everything better – reloading water is more accessible, and water blasts are more robust, longer, and faster! 

We couldn’t stop wondering which products stand out from the rest, so we decided to onboard avid water gun users and players to help us decide the ones to feature. 

The Best Water Guns Must Check All These Boxes!

What makes a water gun great? Our team reviewed more than twenty trending electric water guns for two weeks. Each of us meticulously checked for specific features. During our review, we found out five features that should be in a winning water gun. 

 Easy to Use

The best water guns should be easy to operate for both kids and adults. Can you imagine yourself getting caught up in a game and having to back out because you don’t get how your water gun works? 

The water guns we feature here are guaranteed easy to operate, and even kids will be able to use them fast! 

We also included water guns with easy refill features!

Powerful Capacity

The water gun of your choice should have enough water pressure to blast off powerful water shots. We specifically looked for water guns that can release up to 15 ml/shot!

Continuous Water Shots

Non-stop pulling the water gun button to shoot continuous water shots can be exhausting. The water guns we feature here shoot water without stopping as long as your finger is on the button! 

Large Water Holder

Last longer in the game with a water gun with a large tank capacity! 

Long-lasting Power

We also looked for water guns that can last more than an hour. We were keen on finding which water gun features a high-power battery, and the ones on this list have it! 

Out of all the water guns we reviewed, these products stood out. 

If a water gun that blasts incredibly long-range is on your list, then definitely check the SplashSpritz! 

The water gun design went all out in the water blasting department – one shot can blast off at a range of 10 meters! We really felt the motor pressure inside the water gun consistently building up to enable far-reaching shots! 

We also noticed that each shot is powerful! We discovered that the gun releases up to 15 ml of water in a single shot! 

If you’re all about the non-stop water gun shots, the SplashSpritz has got you covered. Just by pressing the water gun’s shot button, you can get endless water flow! If you’re determined to get your competitors wet, this is the choice to get! 

The water gun comes with a 1500 maH battery that can last up to an hour. The anti-leak design ensures water won’t get into your toy and ruin the battery inside. Charging time for the battery is 2 hours. 

The water tank for the SplashSpritz has a capacity of 550 ml. We also love that the water tank is transparent – seeing the water levels of the gun immediately lets you know when it’s time for a refill! 

Refilling is also easy. Simply place the gun in the water, press the button, and your gun will automatically refill within 10 seconds. 

This water gun is so easy to use – even kids will have fun with it! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




The first thing we noticed about the GunBomx is its sleek look. It comes with a design that reminds you of the guns you see in Sci-Fi movies. Over time, we discovered that the GunBomx is more than just it looks!

The GunBomx has a powerful shooting capacity that can extend up to 8 meters for medium range and 10-12 meters for the long range! The jet motor inside builds up an intense pressure every time you pull the water gun trigger. Each blast is long and powerful!

This water gun can hold up to 500 ml of water.

The GunBomx supports both straight shooting and curved shooting. When you use curved shooting, you can enjoy a long-range shot that can reach up to 16 meters!

The water gun is made from durable ABS material and has anti-leak features. Just avoid submerging the weapon in the water to prevent motor damage.

The ergonomic design of the GunBomx will not cause you arm strain; you can move freely around without struggling!

The battery of the GunBomx supports up to 1 hour of use.

Great for backyard fun, water games with friends, or bonding time with kids!

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you looking for a lighter water gun that isn’t too heavy? Are you all about the convenience that you can still move around while throwing out powerful shots? We recommend the DexBroz. 

The DexBroz is a water gun that only has a 375-ml capacity. Now, it’s easy to think that this isn’t a great bet since it’s not as heavy as its 500-ml counterparts. But the lightness of the DexBroz is what makes it such a great pick. If you find 500-cc water guns hard to move around with, then DexBroz is for you.

Thanks to its light feel, this is a great pick for kids. 

Despite its small build, the DexBroz has an excellent range – a stunning 6-8 meters per shot. Each shot can blast off 10 ml of water! 

No need to press the water gun trigger endlessly. The motor inside builds a good amount of pressure that allows the water to shoot far and strong without you having to endlessly press the button. 

The DexBroz is a recommended pick for backyard games, beach trips, pool bonding, and family activities. 

When fully charged, the DexBroz can work up to 45 minutes. The water gun is so easy to use, kids will have fun with it without needing too many instructions. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Water gun bonding with friends and family gets even more fun with high-tech water guns! Blast off water, and reach more people with the impressive features of the best electric water guns in the market. Say goodbye to traditional water guns and hello to non stop fun, more competitiveness, and powerful shots with electric water guns. 

Look no further if an electric water gun is on your wish list. Our recommendations above will check all the boxes!