4 Best 4 Waterproof Cameras to Capture Your Greatest Moments

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Up for some underwater adventure this summer? Don’t forget your “selfie essential” to record your best moments. We know that choosing the PERFECT underwater camera can be difficult, especially with all of the options available. And for most people with limited knowledge of how cameras work, understanding these features can be extremely daunting—even with an underwater camera guide.

Hence, we’ve prepared a list of 4 Best Underwater Cameras we believe will fit your needs just right. So without further ado, here’s our Top Picks for Waterpoof Cameras this 2022.

ExxPro is the all-around go-to camera when it comes to extreme sports and underwater photography. It’s light, compact, and packs all the necessary features you need to film your best actions in 4K.

The ExxPro comes with a 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, IP68 Waterproof Support, and Aptina AR0330 16MP sensor that delivers clear and crisp photo and video wherever you go. It even comes with two types of viewfinders to enable top-notch photography from any angle.

What we love the most about the ExxPro 4K Motion Underwater Camera is its 170-degrees ultra-wide lens that can capture everything so that you don’t miss out on anything. In other words, regardless if you’re exploring the depths of the reefs or climbing your highest mountain peak, it will deliver one of the best photography.

For us, the ExxPro is the PERFECT go-to camera in all kinds of adventure with varying situations. And that’s why we named this small and compact camera as our Most Recommended for 2022.

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Looking for a camera that can support your active lifestyle? Look no further and experience impeccable 4K Action with Jeku T300. This small and compact camera has everything you need to record all your extreme actions in 4K.

The Jeku T300 films in 4K/1080P and 12MP resolution. It can also upscale original images to a higher resolution—which is an excellent feat to ensure top-notch quality every time you hit record or snap. It supports multiple video formats so that you can upload at any device without worries. 

What we love about the Jeku T300 is the availability of features that guarantee better results regardless of the sport or activity you are pursuing. There’s an IP68 waterproof rating that could support up to 30 meters underwater. It also comes with image stabilization to ensure the photo and video stay clear and crisp every time. Plus, the ultra-wide capture capabilities enable you to snap breathtaking views. And to provide quality in every shot, the Jeku T300 uses the latest Sunplus SPCA 6350M Chip with OV 4689 Sensor. All of these are bound in a 6-layer all-glass lens to give you impeccable quality.



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If you’re looking for a camera that’s more on the less extreme side yet delivers the same quality as those from big brands, but at a lesser price, then the Camixon Full HD Camera is your best option. Whether you’re up for an outdoor camping adventure or a sea escapade, the Camixon will deliver three essential aspects: quality, durability, and accessibility.

We love the Camixon because it has everything you need for an outdoor camera to work—and is delivered to you as simply as possible. The Camixon has excellent underwater support that goes up to 10-feet deep. Meanwhile, its photo and video quality rival those high-end brands. It delivers 2.7K, 20 FPS video, and 48MP image resolution—which is an incredible feat compared to other products in its category.

The Camixon also comes with upgraded features like enhanced digital zoom, better night mode, and anti-shake support to ensure quality in every snap.

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If you’re aiming for a camera that you could use in almost anything, the PontSnap is our best bet. This digital camera works perfectly well in any kind of adventure. Ready to dive underwater? The PontSnap is capable of shooting quality videos and images up to 15.7 ft underwater. It even has up to 8X Digital Zoom to capture photos at a great distance like sports matches or sightseeing. In other words, the PontSnap is designed to become your go-to device for all your photography needs in all activities.

Talking about its features, the PontSnap is a beast on its own. For a small-sized, day-to-day digital camera, it’s capable of capturing 1080P Full HD videos and 16MP photos. Backed by its 2.8-inch TFT LCD screen, the PontSnap can deliver superb photo and video content with sharper visibility. You can even fine-tune your photos and images according to your liking by using PontSnap’s built aperture, focus, and effects. All in all, the PontSnap comes with all the right features you need to capture all your best moments wherever you go.

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When choosing an underwater camera, you have to remember that special considerations are made to ensure camera features are easy to operate underwater. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality because an excellent underwater camera can give you impeccable resolution in the simplest way, so you won’t fumble around using them in action. Our review focuses on accessibility and quality over brand name and price point. We believe these devices offer the same (even beyond) capabilities to those big names you’re accustomed to seeing. We hope our review helps you choose the PERFECT underwater camera that fits your needs in every adventure.