Review: The Top 3 Best Thermal Camera and Imagers in 2022 for Health, Construction, Quality Check Use

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Nov 12th, 2022

Safety-wise, things are better assessed with the powerful lens of thermal cameras. One of the best ways to tell if a person is healthy, if a piece of furniture is still high quality, or if a structure does not come with any issues is with a thermal camera. 

Since thermal cameras need to be supreme in detecting issues and safety concerns, it’s critical that you only buy the best. 

In this review, we will share to you our best picks when it comes to the most reliable thermal cameras. 

How We Decided

We spent more than 80 hours reviewing these thermal cameras with health experts, structural engineers, hunters, and quality inspectors. 

After our thorough review, we came up with the top three most reliable thermal cameras that are 100% worth the money. 

Here’s a quick criterion how we were able to come up with the list: 

High Resolution

The camera should be able to provide a clear, defined imaging. We included thermal cameras here that have HD resolution. 

Temperature Range

We opted to choose a thermal camera that comes with different temperature ranges so it could provide a versatile reading. 

Data Capacity

We want you to have enough data stored, that’s why we looked for a thermal camera that can also store a considerable amount of files. 

Color Palettes

We made it a priority to include in here the devices with customizable color palettes. 

Color Alarms 

It’s easy to not spot an outlier, that’s why we included color alarms.

Out of all the thermal cameras we reviewed, these are the top three products that stood out. 

If you’re looking for a thermal camera that is handy but can give detailed, accurate readings, you will love the ThermaSyt! 

ThermaSyt might have a compact and portable design but it comes with heavy-duty features. 

When we tested ThermaSyt, we noticed that this thermal camera comes with three imaging modes that not all thermal cameras have. ThermaSyt includes infrared, infrared edge, and dual light fusion modes. 

These multiple modes make ThermaSyt a reliable data source for thermal scans for hospital, construction, and commercial use. 

Another top feature of the ThermaSyt is its 2-million pixel imaging quality. Details are in vivid presentation. 

The ThermaSyt also include both hot and cold scanning modes. 

The ThermaSyt is designed to have multiple color codes to easily interpret the data you see on screen. The screen presents two values – point temperature value, and the numerical value displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen

This thermal camera comes with an 8GB capacity that can store a large number of recordings. 

The trigger function of the camera helps you create more accurate readings on spots that you want to check. 

This long-lasting thermal camera can work up to eight hours when fully charged. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




ScanSure makes high-definition imaging available to anyone who buys it.

The ScanSure now comes with 120×90 resolution that removes pixelated captures and produces clearer images and videos.

You will find multiple color palettes in the ScanSure to give you clearer idea of what you’re capturing.

The multiple color palettes help you interpret data accurately.

The ScanSure also comes with a large-scope capturing capacity which means you don’t have to make people or things go one by one to spot issues. The broad imaging can still feature accurate data.

The device can record temperature data from 20-400 degrees-celsius.

This portable thermal scanner is also long-lasting and easy to charge. In just 2 hours of charging, you can get up to 6 hours of work.

Key Features



"Very Great"

If you’re looking for a thermal camera that is ideal for home inspections such as heat leaks, insulation leaks, plumbing, and wiring, our best pick for you is the PyroViu. 

The PyroViu now comes with a bigger screen and high-definition camera to help you see potential issues faster and clearer. 

You will love the high-resolution imaging that the PyroViu can offer. This thermal camera has an imaging capacity of 35,200 (220 x 160) pixel infrared resolution. The display screen features a 2.8-inch color display screen and a 0.07°C thermal sensitivity – handy if you want a fast and accurate way to spot issues.

The PyroViu has both hot and cold scanning that comes in handy for spotting energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, and other invisible trouble spots.

The device includes a built-in LED light you can use as a flash light or added illumination for scanning in dark places. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Thermal scanners and cameras can help you see structural, health, and building issues easily missed by the naked eye. Having reliable thermal scanners changes the game – and if you want to get the most reliable options, check out our expert-recommended picks above!