Give Your Home Entertainment An Upgrade in 2022 With the Best TV Soundbars, As Chosen By The Experts!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: June 1st, 2022

Nowadays, how do built-in TV speakers stack up when it comes to giving viewers the full depth and breadth of sound? Still not by so much. By only watching Netflix or YouTube on TV, without hooking it up on a home theater or soundbar, you’ll notice that the movie scores still aren’t as impactful, special effects don’t sound all that special, and even the most dramatic dialogue not that moving. This is because most smart TV manufacturers still haven’t figured out how to make their small speakers sound less distant or tinny, or have their audio avoid getting absorbed by your TV stand. So, why choose to have an incomplete entertainment experience each time you stream a movie or playlist, when you can give it a major upgrade with a quality TV soundbar? Not only are they sleeker than your traditional home theater speakers, they also come with innovative features that let you enhance audio quality, such as smart equalizers, as well as integration with your streaming hardware, such as Roku.

Below, discover the best TV soundbars as chosen by our in-house entertainment experience. You’ll find that you won’t even have to pay a hefty price tag just to tune in and listen to audiophile-quality acoustics!

How Our Experts Chose The Best TV Soundbars (And What You Should Remember)

  • Sound power and volume: This is commonly measured in watts (W), so the higher the wattage, the more you can blast cinema-like sounds.
  • Ease of connectivity: Soundbars are often built for more tech-savvy users, who can connect their digital devices via Bluetooth or HDMI, though some models also cater to viewers who prefer to plug in by wire.
  • Design: The TV soundbars that made our list are sleek and help save space for viewers who have smaller bedrooms and living rooms, but don’t want to compromise on sound quality.
  • Innovative features: Our editors also selected TV soundbars that can provide better acoustics at the push of the button, through their built-in features such as equalizers with movie and game modes, and even anti-magnetic noise reduction to help preserve lossless audio.

There’s a reason why our editors picked the SoundCAVERN 50W Detachable TV Soundbar as the best of 2022. For viewers who want to transform their ordinary living room acoustics into the ultimate soundscape, or simply bring excellent audito experiences anywhere, this TV soundbar has got all their entertainment needs covered. For one, it’s powered to a whopping 50W, allowing you to say goodbye to lacking sounds from your smart TV, and enjoy your shows, playlists, and video games on a cinematic level! This is made possible by a whole buffet of hardware designed to enhance your audio, which also includes 6 high-quality full-range speakers and 2 bass drivers you can connect to an omnibearing stereo to unlock more powerful bass, and ultimately the full, realistic, yet smooth sounds of your TV.

Still, you won’t have to worry about tripping on tangled wires every time you walk to your couch, as it’s designed to be detachable to allow you to create your own perfect setup. You can actually split it into 2 soundbars to achieve a more surround-sound effect, place it fully on your console, mount it on your wall, or even play it on your trips to the beach or the great outdoors thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility!

Indeed, our experts found that with its powerful audio and easily customizable setup, the SoundCAVERN 50W Detachable TV Soundbar truly gets rid of the unwanted noise you’ve been enduring for so long, to bring the full audio potential of your TV to your living room, or wherever you choose to watch! No doubt about it, this is the best TV soundbar of 2022!

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If you’re a viewer who often sweats the small details of the show or movie that you’re watching, then you’ll find the ReverieQX 50W TV Soundbar to be a more-than-capable entertainment companion. That’s because while not every TV can deliver the audio quality that they promise, this  soundbar lets you appreciate all the little audio nuances most ordinary audiences miss, from the award-winning musical scores to action-packed sound effects from the most-awaited superhero film. So if you’re often disappointed by speakers that simply don’t deliver, the ReverieQX 50W TV Soundbar might just bring the theatrical soundscape you’ve always wanted.

How so, you might ask? Our experts particularly enjoyed the soundbar’s wide range of innovative features, such as its surround sound bass that preserves high-end, lossless audio that’s often lost in built-in TV speakers. This one’s definitely a keeper for those who want to play their favorite songs while chilling or partying. Plus, its surround sound is also complemented by its smart equalizer, allowing you to adjust to the right kind of audio mode be it Music, Movies, or Video Games. This allows you to truly enjoy and immerse yourself in audio tailor-fit to your higher-than-average expectations, making the ReverieQX 50W TV Soundbar a perfect pick!

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If you’ve been underwhelmed by your TV that promised a concert hall experience yet has brought only inferior-quality audio to your living room, prepare to no longer be disappointed with the Siegelmate 160W TV Soundbar, ridding all that auditory clutter to make room for exhilarating moments. It’s a larger-than-life device for the viewer who expects more, as its four internal speakers (that have an impressive 40W of power each) bring out the best in every scene, line, or melody as it totals to a peak 160W output, and results in an incomparable 3D stereo sound that transports any viewer to the scene that they’re watching. What’s more, its remote control allows you to adjust the sound to different equalizer modes depending on what you’re watching, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear audio while watching a TV show or movie, playing a video game, or listening to music. Still, its cherry on top according to our experts is the dedicated subwoofer, which delivers not just a deep powerful bass, but also a blast of beautiful audio textures to ultimately edge out most standalone soundbars. 

The Siegelmate 160W TV Soundbar is known for its relative ease of use too, as everyone from high-tech, TikTok-using Gen Zers to analogue-raised older viewers can plug in and use its controls without much effort all thanks to its wider compatibility with Bluetooth and HDMI, as well as Roku! This allows viewers to link it up to their existing entertainment library in the cloud. Hardware-wise, users can also connect their mobile devices to the soundbar more easily, or simply plug their TV cable onto the soundbar if they don’t want to use their smartphones or tablets. 

And, while its 81cm length means this soundbar is more suitable for larger consoles, its design manages to stay slim and elegant with its classic black looks. No bulky setups here! Just massive sound that impresses the senses. We’re all definitely BIG fans of the Siegelmate 160W TV Soundbar!

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With most built-in TV speakers still not being up to standard today, the right TV soundbar can make all the difference, helping transform dull viewing into exciting entertainment experiences. But when looking for your very own TV soundbar, just remember to factor in its user-friendliness (especially if you’re not tech-savvy), its sound quality and power (through its wattage and equalizer features), as well as its design, so you can truly make the most out of your TV, and enjoy every time you watch in your living room.

Want to power up your binge watching? Shop our expert-approved picks for the best TV soundbars of 2022 now!