The Best Handheld Fan to Buy in 2022 To Help You Keep Fresh and Energized During Hot Days

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Jun 8th, 2022

We don’t want the icky feeling that sticks with us when heat becomes terrible. As hot weather continues to become unbearable, more and more people have been discovering handheld fans. 

You’ve probably owned one, or you have one with you right now. These handy, innovative devices have changed the game in the way it refreshes us wherever we are. 

We also have to admit that we’ve once caved in to buying all sorts of handheld fans, and it’s safe to say we’ve run into a couple of products that brought us down. 

A few unfortunate products still does not stop us from believing that handheld, portable fans are a must have. 

To help fellow users like you make the better decision when it comes to handheld fans, we decided to put the top 20 portable, foldable fans to the test to determine which products really deliver. 

We asked the help of tech geeks and actual users to review the fans. After two weeks, our list was complete. 

Out of all the handheld fans we’ve reviewed, here are the top 3 products that earned our trust. 

“I’m completely over bulky portable fans because they’re so hard to accommodate in my bag. Most of the fans I have used in the past just crack or break because they’re often crushed by other items that I carry. I am completely in love with the design of the KibbyBreeze because it’s so handy and foldable. The blades are not exposed so I now have more confidence that it won’t break on my bag.” – Minny, Office Worker

During our review, we believe that a handheld fan should be easy to bring anywhere. We found it in the KibbyBreeze. 

Unlike regular portable fans in the market, the KibbyBreeze features a unique design that allows you to fold the blades into the package so they won’t be left exposed. This feature makes this fan not prone to breaking. 

The fan only has two rubber blades, but don’t let this make you underestimate the fan. We were impressed at the strength of the highest setting, blasting a great amount of wind at 3500 rotations per minute. 

Each fan speed – you can choose from 3 – features impressive wind strength. 

We’re not just about the fan speed, of course, we also checked how the fan distributes air. We discovered that the fan can blast air in a 80-degree angle, which means you’re not just getting air straight to your face but to your ears and neck as well. 

The blades of the fan are made from rubber, so there’s no worrying that it will hurt you once it hits your skin. The fan also stops once blades hit something. 

The chargeable KibbyBreeze lasts up to 5 hours when fully charged. Total charging time has become shorter – only takes two hours for the fan. 

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“I live in a very humid place, so I was specifically looking for a handheld fan with misting features. I was not disappointed with the MistyCool. Whenever I need something to freshen me up, I just take the fan out of my bag and I’m good.” – Melinda, News Editor

For its price, the MistyCool comes in great value. Not only does it deliver the soothing prowess of a three-blade fan, but it also comes with a mist diffuser and humidifier. The device has a 17-ml container where you can put water or some essential oils. 

The mist is surprisingly fine, considering that it’s just an auxiliary feature. You won’t have to worry about big droplets sticking onto your face. 

The design of the MistyCool is adjustable and flexible. You can fold it and attach it to your car dashboard, or use it as a desk fan. You can use the MistyCool in multiple ways. 

The fan comes with 3 speed options to you can choose from. Even with the lowest setting, you get enough wind power to drive the heat away. 

The overall design of this portable fan makes it convenient to store in your bags, pockets, and suitcases. The total weight is less than 200 grams. 

This fan is 100% rechargeable with charging time of 3-4 hours. 

As an extra feature, the MistyCool throws in 7-mode night light which we agreed help when setting a relaxing mood. 

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“Some of the handheld fans I used before were not so convenient as I still need to hold them. With the HoldySwoosh, I can conveniently just wrap it onto something – my bag, iron bars of my son’s stroller, my car’s dashboard – and I’m good to go. I feel refreshed without using my hand too much.” – Carlyx, Real Estate Agent

HoldySwoosh is the most flexible, and convenient pick among the bunch. If you prefer a hands-free experience with a handheld fan, you will love HoldySwoosh. 

The built-in tripod of the HoldySwoosh is flexible and twistable – you can easily wrap the fan into bikes, strollers, umbrella, and even bags. You can also make this as a stable office fan you can just prop on your desk. 

The tripod is made from high-quality silicone, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking into two while you’re wrapping it. 

The HoldySwoosh is safe for baby. The ABS material in the blades is skin friendly. The blades are also protected by a durable covering. 

The fan comes with 3-speed modes. Charging time only takes 3 hours. Once fully charged, you can use the fan for up to 8 hours. 

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Handheld fans can turn a hot day into a bearable without you needing to run into the nearest A/C unit. With a handheld, portable fan, you can be assured that you have something you can trust when it comes to keeping you fresh no matter how hot the day can be. 

Thoroughly reviewed and rated by actual users, the picks we included above stood out among all the trending portable fans. Reliable, strong, flexible, and efficient in providing quality air flow, the picks we included above will not disappoint you.