The Best Nanny Cams to Buy in 2023 To Help you Monitor Loved Ones And Property Effectively

Nathan Gabriel Updated: Jul 24th, 2024

Imagine seeing all the full details of what is happening to your kids, pets, and house even if you’re away. 

Home security cameras have been in the marketplace for years, but they come with their own set of disadvantages. There’s the cost, the stressful installations, and the sheer size of the device. 

You just find these traditional security cameras too much for your home. 

Fortunately, there’s the nanny cam – a smaller, but effective surveillance camera. 

You’ve considered the nanny cam, and you’re eager to buy one. But the question is this: which one should you buy? 

In this review, we aim to help you choose the best nanny cam that will serve as your eyes and ears while you’re away! 

How We Decided

Choosing the best nanny camera required the help of tech geeks, and actual nanny cam users. 

For two weeks, we meticulously checked each mini surveillance camera, and the results surprised us! 

We were able to determine the best ones among the options with these features: 

  • Compact but durable build
  • Small size with wide-angle lens
  • Ease of installation
  • Portable so it’s easy to transfer anywhere
  • Seamless WiFi connectivity
  • High-quality lens that can broadcast in 1080P 
  • Recording capacity 

Out of all the nanny cams we reviewed, these are the ones that stood out. 

One of the review team members calls this “the most complete nanny cam in the market” and we definitely agree! 

If you’re looking for a small nanny cam that you can easily place anywhere, then you will love the MagnnyView. This NannyCam only weighs less than 50 grams, and has a magnetic surface that allows you to move it anywhere you like. 

Lens-wise, the MagnnyView is an above-par pick. It features a 150-degree wide angle lens that can cover a wide range of area. The video quality can achieve a 1080P clarity. 

The MaggnyView also has audio functions which allows you to hear what is happening in real time. 

We’re also impressed with MagnnyView’s motion detection alarm. Once suspicious movements are detected, you can 

The MagnnyView makes it possible for you to broadcast anywhere in the world. You can connect the MagnnyView to your WiFi, and you can press broadcast. After this, you can now see everything in the room even while you’re away. 

This nanny cam functions just as good in the evenings. With its eight nigh vision LED lights, you can still see clear image even after dark. 

This remote-control nanny cam also makes it possible for you to make changes, even while you’re far from the cam. 

If you want a discreet camera, the design of the MagnnyView will suit your taste. 

As long as there’s internet, broadcasting via the MagnnyView and viewing the stream on-the-go is 100% possible. In the absence that there’s no internet, simply connect to the hotspot, and plug in a 128-GB memory card (not included in package). 

This nanny cam is also effective for office and business use.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




The SeeShh combines all that you will be needing for a decent nanny cam – motion detection alarms, night vision, recording, live broadcast, wild angle lens, and a discreet design. 

If your purpose is to find a surveillance camera that’s easy to hide from suspicious people, the SeeShh is for you. 

It’s easy to hide anywhere, thanks to its portable design. Apart from that, the SeeShh also comes with a wide-angle lens that captures wide-range shots even when the camera is placed in a hidden location. 

We really love the motion detection alarm feature. The sensor is made more sensitive so you can be alerted when movement is detected. 

SeeShh works amazing in the night as it does in the day. You can toggle to night vision quickly when needed. 

The screen is capable of capturing 1080P quality videos. 

When connected to WiFi, you can immediately broadcast your videos and watch them on-the-go. 

If you want to record your streams, all you need to do is to insert a 128-GB card into the device. 

We love the family-sharing feature of the SeeShh. It can share streams up to eight people! 

Recommended Features


"Very Good"


If you’re looking for a nanny cam that you can bring wherever you like, our best recommendation is the BetSurvey nanny cam! 

You can ensure your family’s security without spending too much. The lightweight nanny cam weighs less than 80 grams which makes it such a breeze to bring with you during your travels. 

The camera scope is rather narrower compared to the top two mentioned above (this camera can only cover a 90-degree angle), but the camera has a build that allows you to hide it and be discreet with your camera recording as much as possible. 

We love that the BetSurvey has a 360-degree adjustable design so you can capture multiple angles. 

The infrared night vision of the BetSurvey made it stand out above the rest. Even in the dark, the BetSurvey shows ultra clear images. 

Connectivity is also not an issue with BetSurvey. You can easily connect with Android and Apple devices. 

Unlike the two products mentioned above, BetSurvey only works with WiFi. If there’s no available WiFi, you can also use the HotSpot settings. 

Recommended Features





Portable, small, and easy to conceal, nanny cams are a great pick if you want to record, monitor, and stream in a discreet way. If you want to monitor how your kids are doing with the nanny, see how your pets are thriving without you, or monitor potential risks to your properties, you can count on nanny cams. 

If you want the best nanny cams, don’t look far. Our best recommendations above are worth the trust and investment!