Review: The Top 4 Heated Hoodies to Warm You Up This Winter!

Nathan Gabriel Updated: Apr 13th, 2024

With the ever worsening winter season, bundling up is no longer enough. Perhaps you’re done with bundling up layers and layers of clothing to no avail. You find your way here – you just want to find the best heated hoodies in the market.

We understand that battling the winter cold requires having a heated hoodie that can help you stand the chilly season. If you’re looking for the best heated sweaters to thaw away the cold without making you layer multiple pieces of clothing in the most uncomfortable ways, we’re happy to let you know that you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, we are featuring the top 4 heated hoodies to buy in 2023 to help you enjoy winter a little bit better!

How We Decided

To help us come up with a list of the most-trusted heated hoodies in the market, we asked the help of tech geeks and actual heated hoodies users. For 2 weeks, we asked them to thoroughly check the quality of more than 20 heated hoodies. We requested them to specifically look for the following qualities:

First, heating quality.

The hoodie should have the capacity to provide warmth needed to keep you comfortable despite the skin-biting cold. A preferable range is 104 degrees to 140 degrees.

Second, comfort.

A heated hoodie should still feel like a hoodie. This is why one of our criteria for choosing which products come up to this list is comfort. The hoodie should be comfortable enough to be used like your regular hoodie.

Third, convenience when using.

The last thing you should be doing would be to constantly worry about your hoodie not doing what it’s supposed to do. We want a less-complicated hoodie so you can enjoy your winter activities more without making you worry about your hoodie’s quality.

Out of all the heated hoodies we reviewed, these are the four products that stood out.

Are you traveling this winter and you’re looking for a hoodie that can stand the chilly temperatures without requiring you to bundle up so hard? Our best recommendation is the ArmaxD.

The ArmaxD heated sweater is the most travel-friendly heated hoodie in the market. This portable heated hoodie is lightweight, and is easy to store in bags. Despite its simplicity and portability, the ArmaxD is a standout in the heating category. This heated hoodie comes with 5-point heating patches that can warm up your tummy area and your back area.

This fast-performing heated hoodie can warm you up in 10 seconds. No need to wait for several minutes just to get the hoodie working.

The heated hoodie is easy to charge – it comes with a USB port so you can charge it with basically anything – a power bank, a laptop, or an actual electric outlet.

The ArmaxD is a great pair for your winter style, and a perfect addition if you want to layer up for your outdoor winter sports.

Recommended features

Editor's Pick




As heating capacity is a major consideration when choosing a heated hoodie, we decided to keep an eye on the most reliable one when it comes to heating. Our best pick for those who are all about getting quality from their hoodie is the HuuBop.

The HuuBop is a heated hoodie with multiple heating levels. This heated hoodie for winter has 3 heating levels with a temperature ranging from 100 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can wear the HuuBop for a long time. When fully charged, the HuuBop can last up to 6 hours. You can do your regular activities or winter sports with a reliable heated hoodie.

The hoodie is easy to charge and easy to maintain.

We also love how HuuBop is versatile in design. The hoodie has enough pockets for your essentials, and slots for important items – the hoodie saves you from carrying too many bags!

The HuuBop comfortable heated hoodie is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester – a good combination that provides comfort and stellar protection from the cold.

Tested over 80 cycles, 100% safe for hand wash and machine wash in cold water.

Key Features



"Very Great"

Out of all the products we reviewed, ZenzaHood is one of the few heated sweaters that feature a design that distributes heat well.

ZenzaHood stands out for its 5-patch heating design. You can get warmth and heating on your back and abdomen area. The sweater knows exactly where to distribute the warmth. The temperature for the ZenzaHood can reach up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

The material used to make ZenzaHood is also of great quality. You get a polyester and cotton hoodie that is so convenient to use. The ZenzaHood is also a one-button operation hoodie. You can turn on and adjust levels with just one touch of a button.

We also love how ZenzaHood has a style that fits men and women. You can add this heated hoodie to your OOTD or your layers of outdoors sports clothing.

When fully charged, the ZenzaHood can last up to 4 hours. The heated hoodie is powered by a 1000mAH battery that is capable enough to keep the warmth going.

This is a great holiday gift for all those people who might need extra warmth during the colder days.

Key Features



"Very Good"

While looking for the most comfortable hoodie in the mix, we were led to the OrdaSola – a heated hoodie that doesn’t skimp on comfort. If you’re looking for both comfort and heating quality, we recommend the OrdaSola.

OrdaSola is a heated hoodie with cotton. They added a breathable cotton layer to double the warmth without making the person feel uncomfortable.

This heated hoodie with adjustable heating temperatures also allows you to choose among three temperature levels – low, warm, and hot. The range of temperature for the OrdaSola is between 104-140 degrees Farenheit.

The OrdaSola isn’t bulky at all. This portable heated hoodie is just like regular sweaters. You can easily fold them and place them inside your bags and luggages without worrying that they will occupy a lot of space.

We love how stylish OrdaSola is. Despite its topnotch features, you can still use the OrdaSola like a regular hoodie. You can pair it with your OOTD, or wear it for days when you’re ready to take on your winter activities.

A great gift for loved ones, and a perfect investment to give yourself this winter.

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The winter cold will just get stronger and stronger, but that doesn’t mean you can opt for a more practical way of bundling up and staying warm. With the help of a great heated hoodie, the winter can’t upend your favorite activities. You can still feel amazing even if it’s freezing cold! The heated hoodies we included above are guaranteed reliable, safe, and terrific in providing heat when you need it the most.