Best Humidors to Buy in 2022 - These 3 Products Stood Out Among the Rest!

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Nothing beats the taste of well-preserved, high quality cigars. You’ve always wanted to keep your cigars’ quality intact, but you have a problem – nothing seems to work. Right now, you’re considering buying humidors because you know of their capacity to keep your cigars tasting so good. There’s a problem though – we’re talking about preserving your cigars here and you don’t want to take any random chance. You just need to find the best. But where to find them? 

As big fans of cigars ourselves, we understand the struggle. We’ve had a couple of humidors who just disappointed us and ruined forever the quality of our favorite cigars. To help you make this crucial decision, we jumped into making a review of the most popular, best-selling humidors in the market. We invited some of the experts and cigar enthusiasts to leave no spot unturned when it comes to testing and rating the humidors. 

If you want to learn the verdict on which humidors to buy in 2022, read on. 

But first, how did we come up with our list? 

Among all the splurge-worthy humidors in the market, how did we determine the best? 

Simple – we had the experts weigh in. For two weeks, we asked cigar users and enthusiasts to really check the humidors’ capacity to retain the freshness and quality of the cigars. Within the time period, we requested them to check for the following factors: 


As moisture is the number one enemy of cigar quality, we made sure we only qualify the humidor boxes that can deliver a tight seal. We conducted a dollar test to check if the boxes can really snap out any moisture from going inside. 

Preservation Features

We also checked for the humidors additional features related to preserving the cigar. We checked the accuracy of their hygrometer. 

Quality of Material

The wood used in the humidor also plays a vital role. We knew we only had to include boxes that have the highest quality of materials used. 


To accommodate numerous cigars, we searched for the boxes that can store up to 25 pieces of cigars! 

Out of all the cigar boxes we reviewed, these are the top 3 humidors that stood out! 

“The XyxoDor has impressed us with its visibility. As a cigar owner, I value visual evidence that my cigars are doing well.” – Marcus, Cigar Enthusiast

Does a closed box keep you worrying about the condition of your cigars? Do you prefer that you get a full view of how your cigars are doing? If you’re all about visibility, we recommend the XyxoDor! 

The XyxoDor is a humidor made of real cedar wood – a material known to prevent moisuture from seeping into the boxes. But the real ace of the XyxoDor is in its design – the box comes with a glass material for its top enclosure, and its hygrometer is outside the box. Reviewers couldn’t help but comment on how easy it is to really monitor the status of the cigars. 

If you value storage methods like the first-in, first-out way, the XyxoDor’s movable divider helps cigars users segregate cigars properly. 

The humidor comes with a hygrometer and a humidifier to help users achieve Relative Humidity all the time. 

The design of the XyxoDor allows users to store up to 25 cigars in one go. The handy, lightweight design of the XyxoDor makes it an excellent box to store your cigars while you are traveling. 

Definitely a great gift for cigar fans! 

Recommended features

Editor's Pick




“I love elegant looking cigar humidor boxes. They do double the work – they’re not just storage boxes for cigars, they can be your new aesthetic item, too.” 

Are you a fan of leather boxes? Do you want your humidors to have a touch of leather? Our top recommendation is the ZigaFecto. 

The ZigaFecto features excellent craftsmanship – a great aesthetic addition to your collection. 

But apart from just its aesthetic features, ZegaFecto is also an excellent humidor with a seal that is topnotch. Also passing the dollar bill test, the seal of the ZegaFecto can give you peace of mind that your cigars are in good condition – even while you are traveling. 

The box contains leather bands and straps to keep the cigars in place even while you’re on the go. 

The ZigaFecto provides easy maintenance, too. The humidifier and dropper included in the box can help you re-calibrate the humidity and moisture inside the box so you can get the Relative Humidity right. 

An elegant humidor for your cigar-loving friends.

Key Features



"Very Good"

“Seal-wise, your best bet is the ElegoLaz” – Vanna, Cigar Expert

Humidors with topnotch seals always keep cigars preserved. If you’re all about finding a humidor with a compact, tight seal, we recommend the ElegoLaz. 

ElegoLaz humidor comes with a magnetic seal that shuts the box in a tight, precise manner. The seal is so tight, the ElegoLaz has passed the dollar bill test – even the slightest amount of moisture can’t go in. 

The ElegoLaz also comes with a high-precision hygrometer with a large display to help you see immediately if any moisture is tampering with your cigars. The box – which is made of fine quality cedar – is not prone to rotting, breaking, or cracks that could let moisture in. 

A thermometer and a humidifier are there to allow you to adjust any heat or moisture necessary for you to achieve Relative Humidity. You can constantly get clear key indicators from these added features so you won’t lose the Relative Humidity inside the box. 

The ElegoLaz can store up to 25 cigars inside the box. The space inside this cigar box is so accurate, you can store enough cigars without them sticking tightly to each other. 

Our reviewers consider the ElegoLaz one of the best splurge-worthy humidors especially for more expensive cigars. 

Key Features



"Very Great"


If you love cigars, you know how important it is to keep them fresh – fresh cigars deliver great smokiness and taste like no other. The top 3 cigar boxes and humidors featured in this list have been tested, tried, and rated – they’re the best among the bests! Recommended by experts, and vouched for by cigar fans, these humidors are worth your trust and money!