Brighten Your Home and Boost Your Security: Expert Review of the 3 Best Light Bulb Cameras

Nathan Gabriel Updated: Jun 23rd, 2024

Having a reliable security camera in your home and your property is like having extra pair of eyes that can help you feel secure even if you’re not there. 

But we get it – investing in a home surveillance camera can be expensive and work-intensive! Can we just get an effective yet affordable security cam and easy to put up? 

As a team of security-conscious tech geeks, we’re big on finding alternatives to pricey security cameras. During our search, we found lightbulb cameras – and we’re simply blown away! 

With a price point that’s affordable, features that can be compared to traditional security cameras, and flexibility that amps up the convenience, we’re 100% sold. 

In this review, we’re going to feature the top 3 lightbulb cameras that won our approval and made us say, “I can go for this instead of a $500 security camera!” 

How We Decided

Choosing the best lightbulb cameras was a journey of meticulously checking each product. Since most of them look similar to one another, we made sure to focus on the selling point of each. 

From our review, we could determine the most essential qualities to look for in a lightbulb camera. 

Quality Footage

We specifically looked for lightbulb cameras that can capture 1080P quality videos so you can see full and clear details. 

Ease of Installation

We ensured we included lightbulb cameras that don’t require complicated installation processes. 

360-degree Views

The lightbulb cameras we included here also provide 360-degree views so you won’t ever miss a spot that might cause security issues. 

Durable Build 

The best lightbulb cameras can also stand the elements, the harsh weather conditions, and the test of time. 

Connectivity with Mobile 

We also wanted to make sure that the products we add here have connectivity with mobile so you can view your footage on your phone while you’re on the go. 


The lightbulb cameras we included here are 100% versatile – you can use them in the home, in your commercial spaces, and even the outdoors. 

Out of all the lightbulb cameras we reviewed, these are the top 3 products that stood out.

When we were reviewing the lightbulb cameras, we looked for the product that is the fastest to put up. 

If you’re looking for the most convenient, complete, reliable lightbulb camera, we recommend the KhalexVuu.  

First, it’s the easiest to install. The KhalexVuu only requires a regular light bulb socket for its power source. Once attached to the lightbulb socket, your camera is good to go. 

The KhalexVuu has the capacity to capture up to 1080P footage. This lightbulb camera can be connected to the WiFi where you can review the broadcast on the go. 

This security camera has motion detection feature which filters regular movements from suspicious ones. Once significant movements are picked up, sound alarms go up. 

The great thing about this mobile connectivity feature of the KhalexVuu is that you can actually control the lightbulb camera with the app. All you need to do is toggle around the screen and the camera will focus on the area that you want to see. 

Nighttime surveillance is clearer with the KhalexVuu. The camera comes with LED lights that enhance the contrast and clarity of the footage. 

KhalexVuu also comes with extra security features including a microphone and speaker that helps you talk to the people on the other side of the camera, and a recorder that allows you to capture essential shots. 

Made to endure rain, storms, and long running hours, the KhalexVuu is the security cam that you can definitely rely on. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you’re looking for a reliable lightbulb camera that will be efficient ESPECIALLY at night, we recommend the BraxxSpot. 

Among the products we reviewed, BraxxSpot is the one that performed the best in capturing details in the dark. Thanks to both its infrared and LED lights, you won’t miss anything that might be a cause of concern. 

The BraxxSpot comes with an easy-to-install feature. Simply attach it to an E27 lightbulb base and you’re good to go. 

This camera is durable – it can stand rain, heat, and snow. We also love how its overall design prevents shaky recordings. 

You can expect 3-megapixel footage on this security camera. There’s a recording option if you want to preserve certain shots. 

Most of the controls can be done via an app. Once connected to the app via WiFi, you can zoom in and out, move the camera to an area you want to see, and capture or record. 

The BraxxSpot also includes a two-way microphone to help you talk to people on the other side of the camera. 

This lightbulb camera also includes a motion detection capacity 

With the BraxxSpot, you can also save installation costs – it only takes 5 minutes to ready. 

If you want a camera that you can for indoor monitoring, outdoor surveillance, or for your most important rooms at home, we recommend the BraxxSpot. 

Recommended Features


"Very Good"


SpySyt ranks high on our list when it comes to lightbulb cameras with far-reaching night vision features. This camera can capture your entire yard clearly at night because it can reach up to 10-meters of night vision range.

The SpySyt is also compatible with an E27 lightbulb source – comes in handy, and makes installation quick and easy. 

Connecting the SpySyt to the WiFi is fast and easy. Once connected, you can view the footage on your app. You can also have total control via an app where your camera should focus at a certain time. Since the camera is capable of moving and rotating at 360-degrees, you’re sure you won’t miss a spot. 

You can also control the illumination quality of the SpySyt. You can choose – via the app – to turn the lights on and off, and you can also adjust the night vision settings. 

The SpySyt also comes with its very own AP hotspot that doesn’t stop your access to the footage even if WiFi connection is lost. Simply connect to the AP hotspot with your mobile phone and you’re good to go. 

You can record camera shots, too. 

The HD quality of the footage – at 3 MP – will give you clear details both during the day and night. There’s also a two-way microphone for talking to people, and a motion detection function. 

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective lightbulb camera for home and commercial use, or for monitoring your kids, pets, and property, we recommend the SpySyt. 

Recommended Features





You don’t have to spend thousands on bucks on complicated security systems. A lightbulb camera will do the job if you want to secure your house, your loved ones, and your property without the intimidating price tag. 

There’s so many options in the market, so we did the heavy lifting for you. Our recommendations above are recommended and approved by tech geeks – the products we promote here will never let you down.