The Top 3 Best Moisture Meter to Buy to Detect Moisture in Materials in Wood, Cardboard, Paper, and Concrete Quickly!

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Aug 8th, 2022

Listen – you could have the best design and even the best structure plan; but all of them don’t stand a chance when moisture starts to corrode your materials from within. 

A moisture meter is the best tool builders, engineers, artists, and designers should always have in their essentials. The moisture meter can pick up any sign of moisture in an instant so you won’t have to risk any more problems with your materials. 

Since moisture meters give critical information, we wanted to make sure you guys get the best ones that deliver results. 

(As some in our team had a run with disappointing moisture meters!) 

To make sure we only suggest the best, we decided to ask tech geeks to help us review the most popular moisture meters in the market. 

How We Decided

We asked tech experts, builders, designers, and actual users of moisture meters to check the best-selling moisture meters in the market. 

For two weeks, we thoroughly reviewed each device to see if they can give us accurate details. 

We found out that the factors that make a moisture meter excellent are the following: 

  • High-quality sensor
  • Moisture meter levels accuracy
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Multipurpose capacity (able to detect moisture not only on wood) 
  • Durable probes
  • Alarms that are quick to catch

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the three moisture meters that stood out. 

“What we love about the MoizTect is it’s all around awesomeness. It can check all materials – from wood, to cardboard, to concrete! Fast and accurate results, too!” – Marcus, Designer

If you are looking for a moisture meter that can immediately sense moisture for all types of materials, we recommend the MoizTect. 

This handy device delivers can handle all types of materials – from plywood, cardboard to big chunks of wood and concrete. 

We are impressed with its ultra sensitive sensor that can read between 0-99% moisture. Thanks to the sensitive sensor, you can get results in as fast as 5 seconds!

MoizTect has impeccable accuracy with only a 0.5% deviation. 

The MoizTect comes with Three calibrations, and four measurement modes so you can use it for a variety of materials. The device includes a LED light to ensure you can still see the right results even in the dark. 

Probes are high quality! The MoizTect comes with ultra sharp probes that can get through any material without causing any damage. Another plus for the MoizTect is that the probes are easy to replace. When they break, all you need to do is change into new ones without buying a new device. 

The interface of the MoizTect is also easy to understand – beginners will find the device easy to use. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“I was told the best moisture meters are the ones with sharp probes that can go deep and check moisture meter accuracy. I’m so happy I found them in the WoodSpox!” – Carol, Wood Work Expert

You read that right – WoodSpox stood out for its impressive probes. They were sharp and fine – it can get into any type of material with ease. 

We were impressed at how the moisture meter can puncture smooth holes without causing any significant damage to the material. 

The WoodSpox can measure 0-99% moisture meter, with a +/- 0.5% accuracy. The moisture meter can read results in just 10 seconds. 

You have four detection modes to choose from – a feature that allows you to check up to fifty types of wood. 

We know the WoodSpox sounds like a device only for tech-savvy people, but it’s actually very easy to use. The interface and buttons are accessible – you can get the results quickly with just a few button presses. 

And there are alarms so you won’t miss any significant readings, even if you’re new to using the device. The LCD display also features high-quality screen so you can read signals accurately. 

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"Very Good"


“I prefer pinless moisture meters because they detect moisture issues without ruining the material. I love the AxtroPin because it helps me find moisture and mold issues without having the need to puncture!” – Harrold, Homeowner

If you are looking for a budget-friendly moisture meter, we recommend the AxtroPin. 

While the model might be a little expensive than entry-level pinless moisture meter, this is the most budget-friendly one we’ve seen on the roster. 

The measurement range of AxtroPin is 0-55% on softwood, and 0-35% on hardwood. 

Unlike many moisture meters, the AxtroPin can take on 1.5 inches of thickness, or a full thickness of a stud. 

You can easily calibrate the AxtroPin – it offers the most accurate readings compared to other pinless moisture meters. 

It can take a little while to be familiar with the AxtroPin’s settings as it’s different from the traditional moisture meters, but once you get the hang of it, everything is workable. 

The results using AxtroPin were very accurate. In fact, we used AxtroPin to determine the correct moisture meters for all devices – that’s how much we trust this pinless moisture meter. 

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Prevent growing molds and moisture issues from ruining your entire work. You deserve to invest in a moisture meter that detects the problem before it can cause significant damage.

All our recommended products have been reviewed, tested, and rated by experts. You can trust that the items we promote above will never let you down – especially when protecting your property.