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3 Best Portable Heater to Buy for Winter 2022 and Stay Warm and Cozy Anywhere

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Mar 4th, 2022

Let’s say you’re up for a one-week staycation in a lovely rental house this winter. As you arrived, everything looked perfect, and the couch and bed were as comfy as it gets. But here’s one setback: the bedroom’s heating system is not as warm as the living room. 

That’ll put a big damper on your mini-break, for sure.

Enter portable heaters. These mini personal heaters are a quick fix to drafty rooms that your heating system can’t reach. They’re as good as plug-n-play—giving you warmth in any space in an instant. But with any great product, there’s a dilemma on which one’s BEST and which one’s NOT. 

So to help ease the burden of finding the PERFECT PORTABLE HEATER for you, we’ve scoured the internet to spot the best product to buy for winter 2022. And after a series of testing, we’ve narrowed down this roundup to 3 products for easy decision-making.

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If you came here to find the best portable heater, then look no further than the Tempext PRO. This ceramic, 100% PP material-made portable heater delivers 500W of a clean, odorless breeze of warm air that can quickly fill any small or large room. The beauty of the Tempext PRO comes from its PTC heating technology that uses ceramic heating elements to produce safe and efficient heating. Unlike other heaters that take minutes to pre-heat, the Tempext PRO instantly provides you with that feel-good warmth, which is helpful in various situations like sudden temperature drops, etc.

Of course, controlling the temperature and ensuring you hit the sweet spot all the time has been made easy too. The Tempext PRO has a constant temperature feature with ergonomic buttons to set up your desired warmth manually. It even comes with a built-in timer and noiseless feature to make bedtime extra comfy. And for additional safety, this portable heater/space heater comes with an auto shut-down in the presence of overheating, so you’ll never have to check while it’s working in the background constantly.

Overall, the Tempext PRO is an excellent heater that you can take from room to room. It doesn’t require much attention once it’s plugged on the wall, giving you uninterrupted warmness and coziness wherever you go.

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Are you looking for a mini heater that can take your home’s heating system up a notch without the surging electricity bill? The MelloMini is the answer to your problem. This portable heater uses quartz heating elements, which is known as the most efficient way to convert electricity into heat. That means the MelloMini produces 400W of heat—better than most portable heaters on the market—with less energy consumption. And as per our test, the MelloMini can fill small to midsize rooms exceptionally well.

Aside from that, this device also comes with convenience features that you’ll absolutely appreciate. There’s a remote control that allows you to toggle between temperatures, set timers, and adjust fan speed at a distance. But what makes the MelloMini stand out from the rest is its tip-over protection that cuts power once the device is tipped or tilted for extra security. In other words, you can enjoy continuous warmth and comfort without worrying about overheating and other hazards.

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Here’s another excellent option to keep any room warm and cozy this winter season. The HumiPoPo is an all-inclusive, portable heater that combines fast heating, high safety, and user convenience all in one device. It gives you 400W of heat that can efficiently fill small to midsize rooms with pleasant and odorless warm air—thanks to its flame-retardant body, metal mesh, ABS, nylon, and fiberglass materials. 

One of HumiPoPo’s standout features is its fast heating. Once connected to the wall socket, it’ll only take you 3-seconds to start warming up the entire room—and no pre-heating is required. Further, it comes with auto power-off protection that prevents overheating. And it’s noiseless, so using this portable heater while you sleep is 100% safe.

Overall, the HumiPoPo is a complete device that can get your winter staycation all nice and comfy. It packs all the right features to ensure the best (and safe) experience possible. Of course, you can’t deny its cutesy design, too, which makes it even more appealing to kids.

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When it comes to efficiency, the Tempext PRO is an absolute standout. It’s capable of producing heat that can warm up the entire room in seconds. But, if you’re looking for alternatives that come with the same functionality yet consume less electricity, then the MelloMini is your best choice. Overall, the products we highlighted on this roundup were tested and reviewed meticulously by experts and reviewers to ensure you get the best value out of your purchase.