6 Best Wireless Backup Cameras to Buy in 2022 According to Tech Geeks and Drivers

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: August 14th, 2022

Your car’s rear view and side mirrors offer good visibility, but sometimes, they don’t offer enough. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to get rid of your car just to get one with a more high-tech backup camera. The wireless back up camera enables all types of cars, and all kinds of models to have an extra pair of eyes on the road to ensure driving safety. 

If you want to upgrade the safety features of your old car without the hassle of wired installation, the wireless backup camera is for you. 

But the big question is – what wireless backup camera currently in the market is worth the investment? 

To help us come up with a list of trusted, reliable wireless backup cameras, we asked the help of drivers and tech geeks. For two weeks, we reviewed the top 20 wireless backup cameras to determine which one truly delivers.

Our Top Picks for Wireless Backup Cameras – How We Decided

In the span of our review, our team plus the tech geeks and drivers looked for the following features: 

Easy Wireless Installation

The number one perk of getting wireless backup cameras is that you won’t have to deal with complicated wiring when installing it. Simply attach the camera on the back (or in front) and the monitor on your dashboard. 

Since this feature is prime, we looked for wireless back up cameras that support seamless, smooth, easy wireless installation. 

Video and Photo Resolution

You don’t need DSLR-camera levels for your backup cam, but you do need a decent quality for evidence and monitoring purposes. We specifically looked for products with camera quality between 250-1080P. 

Field of View

Field of view is equal to how wide of an angle it can capture while on the road. Our minimum requirement is at 100-degrees. 

Screen Size

We picked wireless backup cameras that allowed us to review images and camera footage easily. We went for the ones with a minimum screen size of 4 inches. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, here are our top picks. 

If you are looking for a wireless backup camera that does not call for complicated installations but performs just as well as wired cameras, we recommend the ZoomCheck. 

Are you looking for a wireless backup camera that can serve its purpose rain or shine? Our recommendation is the ZoomCheck. 

We were impressed by ZoomCheck’s versatility – this is not just a backup camera, but a rearview cam as well. 

The camera comes with a 4.3” display that allows the drivers to see details clearly. 

What we love the most about the ZoomCheck is that it does not require major installation or wirings. We took note that the total installing time is only around 30 minutes. 

The connection is seamless. Even within the distance of 10 meters, the ZoomCheck does not come with delayed transmission. 

The ZoomCheck is also perfect for night time use. The 8 LED lights illuminate the perspective so you won’t have to deal with poor quality recordings. 

Almost all the recording features of the ZoomCheck is automated – it starts automatically once the engine is on, and recording is on loop. You won’t have to delete all the time. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




LuzzoRive was a big hit to members of our review team who were looking for a backup camera that can work even in tough conditions. 

Even with its topnotch features, installing the LuzzoRive is not difficult. You can quickly install the LuzzoRive in under 30 minutes. 

The LuzzoRive comes with adjustable features – from the brightness and contrast to help you achieve the vision that you prefer and you’re comfortable with. 

The signal chip is impressive – it can connect easily and seamlessly within 10 meters! No broken recordings or delayed reception. 

The recording and image capacity is at HD 1080P quality. Every image 

You can drive even in gloomy weather – the LuzzoRive comes with LED lights and night vision settings that helps you see with improved vision. 

You can safely use the LuzzoRive even on rainy days because the device comes with an IP68 waterproof feature. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

If you’re looking for a back up camera that delivers smooth video recording, high-quality photos, and topnotch real time feed of what happens on the road in real time, you will love the FlareViz! 

Another bonus: you can install the FlareViz in under 5 minutes!

Our team was immediately drawn to the smoothness of the video quality recorded by the FlareViz. We also did not end up getting blurry photos all thanks to the 1080 P quality! We discovered that the high-processing chip allows FlareWiz to capture the tiniest of details at high speed. 

We love how this backup camera provides sharp, full details in front and back of the car while you’re driving. What’s more efficient is that the camera can be connected to an app. You can just mount your phone on the dashboard, and get a better view of both front and rear conditions while you are driving. 

The FlareViz also supports video recording and photo capturing. With the FlareViz’ wide-angle camera, you can capture more details that might come in handy for evidence. 

The camera also supports night vision, so you won’t have to worry about not recording anything of use during the night. 

With its waterproof rating, the FlareViz can still be efficient even in the pouring rain. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

If we could pick out one rule when it comes to choosing a wireless backup camera, it would be that the camera should not feel like an ordinary rearview mirror. It should offer both safety and convenience.

We found out that the ViewDex wireless backup camera provides this feature. 

Unlike regular rearview mirrors that come with cars, the ViewDex offers an impressive 170-degree angle of vision scope – more than the industry standard! This feature allows drivers to see between blind spots and beyond 10-feet. This view scope can eliminate a lot of potential accidents. 

The lens of the ViewDex is impressive – it can cover up to 33-ft of distance. The camera comes with a 6-layer lens that provides a 720P recording and photo capturing capacity and with a higher contrast so you won’t miss any detail. 

All the details of your recording can be reviewed in a 4-inch screen. 

The camera is also waterproof – so you won’t have to worry about its effectivity even if it gets rained on. 

We love how this comes with a G-sensor, an advanced sensor that automatically locks the recording once the camera senses bumps and impacts. This feature comes in handy when you want to hold onto a video for evidence. The sensor also works even if the car is in parking mode. 

If you hate changing and buying memory cards every now and then, the ViewDex has got you covered – it comes with a recorder with a looping feature that overwrites older recordings with newer ones. 

The ViewDex offers both dash cam and rear view cam features. The ViewDex also comes with dual screen display so you can see both sides for safety purposes.

Key Features




We feel like we need to address the elephant in the room — installing backup cameras can sometimes call for us to make a hole in our car. To some, that doesn’t sound pleasing. Fortunately, you can now save your car from such a predicament with the RavaXee license plate backup camera. 

The RavaXee comes in a design that you can easily attach to your plate number card. The great thing about the RavaXee is that it does not require drilling, or making holes to your car. The camera also follows an easy-to-conceal design, making it less accessible to camera thieves. 

Absolutely no wires, no drilling, and no professional installation required for this camera. You can install it yourself without prior experience.

This wireless backup camera does not just make installation easy, it also wins in the resolution department with its 720P camera. 

The RavaXee also comes with alarms and sensor beeps that prevent you from impacts and crashes. 

We love how RavaXee is compatible and controllable with mobile devices. Using an app, you can view the road using your phone. You can also control the angle of the camera with just a little fiddle of your finger. Overall, the coverage of the RavaXee can cover up to 120-degree wide scope. 

The RavaXee is 100% waterproof – ideal even for the toughest conditions. 

Key Features




The ironic thing about vehicles is that the bigger the ride, the more limited the vision. We hear you truck drivers – you might have a larger ride, but boy, the risk is huge, too. This is why we’re all about making it easy for you. We have a pick for the big rides – the TraxxTix wireless backup camera. 

Camera installation for your truck is now made easier – the TraxxTix only takes a total of 10 minutes to install!

The TraxxTix comes with a stable base that’s ideal for rides prone to bumps and impacts. It’s easy to install and comes with a simple interface for drivers who can’t spare to look away from the road for more than 2 seconds. 

It provides drivers with 170-degree angle vision – ideal for drivers who struggle with dealing with blind spots. 

The TraxxTix also includes a G sensor which automatically records and locks the shots once bumps and impacts are felt. The camera of the TraxxTix just went through a redesign – it now works well in low-light conditions, and bumpy situations. The total quality of the camera – is 720P. You can get even the smallest details. 

The 7-inch, LED screen allows you to also have an accurate, clear vision of what’s going on in front and behind you. 

This heavy-duty, made-for-the-big-rides wireless backup camera is great for trailer trucks, RVs, vans, dump trucks, bulldozers, and many more. 

Key Features





When it comes to road safety, you can never be too much. This is why the products we feature here are guaranteed to keep your drive safe whatever the conditions may be. Trusted by tech geeks and by road drivers, we assure you that these wireless backup cameras won’t disappoint. By investing in a backup cam, you don’t allow human error to bring costly consequences.