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Discover The Top 3 Handheld Vacuums You Should Get in 2022, Based on Cleaning Expert Reviews.

David Rodgers, Contributor Updated: Feb 3rd, 2022

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be such a big chore, you know. Why should you bring out heavy, bulky equipment every time you have to pick up the dust on your couch, or pet hair on your car seat, when you could easily do the same job with a lightweight alternative? Cue the handheld vacuum: a portable, cordless tool that can reach places where traditional vacuum cleaners can’t, while still packing a punch in terms of power. Simply charge it for a few hours, and you’ll notice how you can clean faster and more easily as compared to a large vacuum, while also taking up less room in your garage, apartment or home. Think you should get a handheld vacuum cleaner soon? To help you make your choice, check out these picks for the top 3 handheld vacuums as selected by our on-staff cleaning experts.


  • Suction power

The right handheld vacuum should be powerful enough to pick up the hardest-to-reach dust or dirt, as measured in Pa/kPa or atmospheric pressure.

  • Portability or lightweight design

Cleaning with a handheld vacuum should be easy and comfortable while you hold it, and moving around shouldn’t be a hassle.

  • Variety of attachments

A handheld vacuum typically comes with several attachments such as brushes and nozzles to help you clean up all kinds of messes.

Want a handheld vacuum that can help you clean even the smallest nooks and crannies? You can rely on the power of the ATLANTIK Cordless Handheld Vacuum, designed with an impressive 4000 Pa suction so you can get rid of dust, dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and other dry messes at home. What’s better is that it’s also completely versatile, as it comes with several attachments (such as a crevice nozzle and extended tube) so it’s easier for you to tidy up more specific spaces like under your car seats or shelves located higher up. Best of all, it’s also super easy to maneuver thanks to its sleek design, so your hands won’t feel the fatigue you’ll get from using other vacuums. This is why our experts have picked the ATLANTIK Cordless Handheld Vacuum to be the best handheld vacuum cleaner overall in 2022!

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Think you’re too busy to clean your house because of your busy schedule? Think again. When power and speed are your priorities above all else, you can never go wrong with the Cyclone100K Cordless Handheld Vacuum. Even with a small, compact design, you’ll be surprised by its boost of suction power, at a whopping 4500 to 6000 Pa to accelerate your cleaning every time you’ve got a sudden mess to fix, or feel like you need to squeeze in some cleaning in the middle of a hectic day. When you need to adjust its suction power, you can also easily do so as this handheld vacuum comes with 3 different modes depending on how quickly and intensely you want to get your vacuuming chores done. Still, this handheld vacuum has all the other bells and whistles too, so not only will you get a dependable cleaning tool, you’ll get one that packs a mightier punch.

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For more specific needs, such as cleaning your piano, laptop, or even your car speakers, you can trust the STRATOSPack Cordless Handheld Vacuum to get the job done. The multiple attachments that come with it are its key highlights, which include a long soft hose for tight spaces, long flexible tube for uneven surfaces like sofas and keyboards, a crevice nozzle mainly for narrow spaces, and a brush to help pick up pet or human hair and also clean up carpets. Indeed, it’s a handheld vacuum that’s a must-have to help you do your cleaning on more particular surfaces easily.

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When you need a cleaning tool that can extend even into the hardest-to-reach areas of your home or car, which you can also easily store when you’re cramped in space, a handheld vacuum may be the best option. In choosing one, just remember to factor in its suction power measured in Pa, as well as the attachments that come with it, so you’ll guarantee faster and more effective cleaning. In 2022, you might want to consider our expert-recommended handheld vacuums to help meet your specific needs.