The Top 3 Best Remote Control Boats of 2022
According to RC Boat Enthusiasts

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

In collecting RC boats, bigger is not always better. With the technology involved in making RC boats getting more advanced, remote control boats now come with more impressive features. With RC boats receiving more recognition for several years now, several enthusiasts have been wondering “Which RC boat is truly the best in the market?”

If you’re wondering the same, we have an answer for you – read on to know more.

How We Decided

Our team is composed of different RC boat enthusiasts who made a passion project of discovering the best remote-powered boats in the market. We have different preferences, so you can be assured that the products we have picked out feature variety!

We also asked the opinions of remote controlled boat experts, and requested recommendations from them. To ensure that each product truly delivers, we checked the Amazon ratings and feedback and highlighted those that are crowd favorites.

For the product to make the final cut, we put it to the test. We personally tested, rated, and reviewed each of the RC boats recommended to make sure they’re the best.

Out of the RC boats recommended to us, here are the top 3 that stood out.

Are you looking for an RC boat that will make your kids love the outdoors? Do you want to find a heavy duty toy boat that can capture your kids’ attention for hours?

Introducing the ArchNavi – the high-speed, heavy duty RC boat!

The ArchNavi is meant for the outdoors! This remote-powered boat can be controlled within a 145-meter range. Even if your kids are just staying on the ground, they will feel like they’re actually experiencing in-the-water action.

It features a 370 high magneto system that makes the boat bring out intense power while on the water. The boat also comes with large propellers which allow the toy to ride with long strides!

The boat has a water-cooled circulation feature that helps preserve the health and quality of your ArchNavi’s motor. You can be assured that this remote controlled boat can last for a long time!

Key Features

Editor's Pick




The NaviZoid is an amphibious RC boat. That’s not made up – it can actually function well on water AND on land.

This feature is made possible with its dual high speed motors that provide strong power to make the boat glide with high stability. With a decent speed of 10 kilometers per hour, the NaviZoid is a perfect – and safe – gift for both adults and kids! It also comes with a land-sensor that automatically stops the motor blade when it’s already on dry ground.

The NaviZoid is easy to operate – it comes with ultra simple control functions. It includes a low-battery signal to help you know when it’s time to recharge.

You can control the NaviZoid within a safe distance of 50 meters. Great for trips to the pool and lakes!

Key Features



"Very Good"

Do you live for speed? Are you looking for a remote-controlled boat that runs like Flash on the water? We know how important speed is for machine-powered mini boats so we made sure we have one for the speed lovers. Introducing TecRank.

We love TecRank’s capacity to run at 25 kilometers per hour – a strong feat for such a lightweight boat. The secret is in its high burst battery, and double-power machine that fiercely propels the boat forward. When you push it further, you can get a 30 kilometer/hour max performance!

Unlike regular power boats, the TecRank does not go weary despite its speed. Thanks to its powerful battery source, the boat can run so fast for 25 minutes straight. How impressive is that?!

The boat also includes a sleek metallic design, and can be controlled even up to 100 meters of distance.

Key Features





Whether for professional racing purposes, or as a toy to entertain kids, a good RC boat can be a fun, exciting pastime. With a great RC boat, you can feel the thrill of driving a powerful toy on the water – all while bumping waves, and distracting the birds! If you want to have an addicting – yet healthy – hobby, and if you want to entice the kids to have the time of their lives outside, a good RC boat should be on your side!