Better Music Solutions - The Best Wireless Earbuds and Earphones to Buy in 2022

Nathan Gabriel, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

The market for earbuds has now become more competitive. The previously Apple-dominated market now features more affordable and better alternatives for anyone who can’t get their hands on the popular Airpods. These new, high-technology earbuds are perfect for both android and IPhone users, and they offer longer battery life, superior sound quality, and more commendable overall performance.

If you’re here to look for alternatives to Airpods, you’ve come to the right place. In this review for wireless earphones, we’re featuring the top 3 wireless earbuds that stand out!

How We Decided

With all the new products popping out in the wireless earbuds market, it’s easy to feel confused about what to buy. There are a lot of affordable wireless earphones in the market, but you’re quite unsure about their quality. Some come at pricey costs and a promise of better quality, but you can’t always be assured, especially if you’re buying online.

Our team of music lovers and tech geeks went into this little mission of finding the best earbuds to buy in 2022, so you won’t have to go through all the hassle.

In order to help us make a better decision, we onboarded the help of tech experts to educate us on the factors we need to remember when buying wireless earbuds.

If you’re buying one, it’s important to ensure that the earbuds you’re eyeing has:

Ergonomic Design

The earbuds should be snug enough to make a “seal” so they won’t fall off. Make sure the design is comfortable in the ears as earbuds can cause muscle sprain around the inner ear in the long run.

Better Battery Life

Charging your earbuds every hour can be a hassle – that’s why battery life should be a major factor when choosing an earbud set.

Improved Sound Quality

Although looks are good, choosing wireless earphones that deliver crisp and clear sound quality is better!

Using these factors, here are the best earbuds and wireless earphones that will give you the best bang for your buck!

Are earphone cables bothering you? Are they prone to falling off just when you want them to stay up? Do wires get in the way of your meditation and workout? To help you overcome your woes, we recommend the GenSounds noise cancelling earbuds.

Compatible with both android and Apple phones, the GenSounds earbuds are multipurpose – you can use it for meetings, calls, workouts, meditations, and classes.

The GenSounds are waterproof, so you can be assured that it will last for a long time. The earbuds come with 3 pairs of soft rubber ear tips that adjust according to your size. The ergonomic design prevents muscle sprain from happening in your inner ear.

The GenSounds come with an improved sound quality and noise-reduction features to allow you to listen to crisp, clear, great music and sounds wherever you are!

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Are you looking for budget-friendly earbuds that offer high quality performance? Are you searching for wireless earphones that can equal the quality of Airpods…without the high price tag?

The SonicVibe wowed us with its affordability and impressive quality. We were blown away by its Bluetooth connectivity prowess – the device works well with the Bluetooth within a 100-ft range. You can proceed with your activities without worrying about decreased sound quality.

These top rated wireless earphones received superb Amazon ratings thanks to its high fidelity stereo sound quality with crystal crisp treble. The earphones will give you an unforgettable music experience. The noise-cancelling quality helps you get the best sound quality for your meetings, music trips, and calls.

These ultra-secured earbuds come with a hook design that will allow you to move, run, exercise, and dance without worrying about it falling off and getting lost.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Is music a part of your daily routine? Do you like it when your activities are accompanied by great music? For music lovers on the go, we recommend the iSSBlast wireless earbuds.

Its wireless feature makes music sessions easier to do even if you’re on the train, in the office, or if you’re doing your workout routines. Without any wires dangling around, you can make the most use of your hands.

With the iSSBlast, you can enjoy single-step pairing, binaural and single ear modes all in one go. You can use the wireless earbuds for calls, music, recording, and meetings. The earbuds automatically connect to Bluetooth within a 22-feet range.

The iSSBlast comes with a noise-reduction feature that allows you to experience high-quality, better performing music. The earbuds fit well on the ears – you can do any activity without worrying they’ll fall off the ground.

The iSSBlast comes with a sophisticated, elegant design that can match whatever outfit you’re rocking!

Key Features





Music makes everything better – it takes away stress, it helps us get into the groove, and it helps us get excited to finish things. Music is a part of our everyday life, and so it’s a must to find earbuds that will deliver to us the best quality of music in the most ergonomic way.

These wireless earphones redefine the way you listen to music. Recommended and highly rated, these earphones will give you a different – but good – music experience wherever you go.